Friday, 9th September | 20.00


Marco Da Silva Ferreira


within the frame of IYMA

national premiere

 Age classification: +12 years
Artistic direction and choreography  Marco da Silva Ferreira
Direction assistance Mara Andrade
Performers Anaísa Lopes, André Cabral, Marco da Silva Ferreira e Vítor Fontes
Technical director and light designer Wilma Moutinho
Musicians Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins
Executive production Marco da Silva Ferreira and Joana Ferreira
Production Pensamento avulso, associação de artes performativas
Partners Jazzy Dance Studio; Feira Viva; o espaço do tempo; Teatro Virgínia
Financed Governo de Portugal/ Secretário de Estado da Cultura/ DGArtesDi reção Geral; Materiais Diversos and Teatro Municipal de Campo Alegre


In Hu(r)mano four dancers lift themselves into an atmosphere which runs parallel to that of the real, elevating into a dimension of collective human urban movement and their natural condition of vitality. This is a constant search for the meaning of dance and the value of movement resulting in an abstracted and mutated form – a shared search that is sought intuitively and a tuned to contemporary dialogue. These trans-humanized beings hold an imminence that moves them. Forming a statement that converges the multiple performers frame of mind and presenting that is contained within themselves.


Marco da Silva Ferreira was born  in 1986  in Santa  Maria  da  Feira.  He worked  professionally  since  2008  with choreographers as André Mesquita, Hofesh Shechter, Sylvia Rijmer, Tiago Guedes, Victor Hugo Pontes and others. As  a  choreographer, he premiered his  first  work Nevoeiro  21 in Palcos  Instáveis  at  Campo  Alegre theatre  in  2012.  Asolo  work  that has  also  been  presented  in  the Solos  Festival  (LisboaÉvora  and Torres Vedras),  as  well  as  in maisImaginarius 2012. In  May  2013  Marco  premiered  the awarded  piece  of  maisImaginarius 2013 Replicepliceplic,  a site-specific solo dance work. In June,  Marco  created A Ilha with Victor Hugo Pontes, during a dance residency provided  by  37.25-Núcleo  de  artes  performativas  and Walk&talk Azores festival. Through my fault, through   my   fault, through  my  most  grievous  fault, a co-creation  with  Mara  Andrade, in Palcos  Instáveis  in  October  2013 and  in  GUIdance2014. In  2014, Land(e)scape,a  multi-disciplinar collaboration   with   two   other artists  (plastic  art  and  sound instalation)  was  presented  in  Imaginarius  2014  and  he  premiered Hu(r)mano which  is part of Aerowaves Priority Companies 2015 and Portuguese Young  Artists.

Giorno e Ora:9th SEPTEMBER | h.20.00
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