Saturday, 10th September | 23.00


Marco D’Agostin

Everithing is ok

within the frame of IYMA – International Young Makers in Action

created and performed by Marco D’Agostin
original music LSKA
lights Rocco Giansante
movement coach Marta Ciappina
dramaturgical advice Kristin De Groot
technical care Paolo Tizianel
pictures and video Alice Brazzit
coproduced by VAN, CSC/Operaestate Festival Veneto, Dansateliers & Kilowatt Festival
supported by inTeatro, D.ID Dance Identity, C.L.A.P.Spettacolo dal vivo, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

Everything is OK presents itself as an experiment on the tiredness of looking at something.
On one side a performer embodies an uninterrupted chain of movements, setting down signs, postures and dynamics recalling the ample field of entertainment, anarchically experienced since its origins to the present time. His dance is efficient in its anatomical articulation, revealing the concreteness of a body that’s on stage just to present itself or to be present to itself. His gaze, as if belonging to someone else, is constantly looking for the audience, delivering a state of bewilderment.
On the other side the audience is subjected to a bombardment of images aiming to test the fullness of watching, the personal but unavoidable collapse, that moment in which the gaze will get tired and surrender.
During the performance, time for evocation is ripped up on the surface of an embarrassing linearity; events don’t flow, they don’t need any interpretation: they’re just offered to the spectators’ view, thrown out by a body container. Representation gives up to “presentation”, while every movement is like a run-up towards tiredness.
And it’s right here, in the emptiness that follows exhaustion, in the retreat of the body, in the need for transforming the choreographic score into a “practice of rest”, that you can find shelter: a fragment of past flickering in the darkness, just for a moment. An interrupted breath. A memory. A fossil. A story to be told again.
Only one question is now left for this crowd of tired eyes: what’s left to see?


Marco D’Agostin has trained with Y. Godder, N. Charnock, E. Greco. He has performed for Claudia Castellucci/Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, A. Sciarroni, L. Santoro… Since 2010 he participates as a choreographer a Choreoroam Europe and Act Your Age. He created several award-winning shows: Viola (2010), Spic & Span (2011), let sleeping dragons lie (2012). Last day of all and Last day of M. were created as part of Act your Age in 2013. Everything is ok is on tour in Italy and abroad.

Giorno e Ora:10th SEPTEMBER | h. 23.00
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