Blu Teatro/Andreea Valean

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    • BluTeatro Andrea Valean

    THURSDAY, 10th SEPTEMBER 2015 | 22.15 | 60′

    mise en espace

    in the frame of Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe

    If I want to whistle, I whistle

    written by Andreea Valean
    translate Roberto Merlo
    mise en espace BluTeatro
    direction Luca Bargagna
    cast Viviana Altieri, Vincenzo D’Amato, Davide Gagliardini, Alessandro Meringolo, Massimo Odierna
    stage elements Edoardo Aruta
    graphic and web project Francesco Morgante
    organization Maria Piccolo
    press office Stefania D’Orazio
    coproduction Area 06 e BluTeatro

    A male-only juvenile-delinquent institution somewhere in Romania. Enter a girl.

    We could stop here.

    What if a young, pretty girl, gets locked up in a cell with three young, cute boys who haven’t seen a woman in months (maybe years)?

    Nostalgia for the future. The suffering these kids are sentenced to couldn’t be better defined.

    No chance for redemption. Bound to consume their vital energy while waiting for time to pass, forced in the tangle of prison routine. When fate puts a gun in their hands they try to reclaim their future dragging us with them in a swirl of daydreams that we would like to believe are actually achievable.

    If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle probably one of Andreea’s most popular plays, which inspired the homonym award-winning feature film (Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival 2010).



    BluTeatro was founded in 2010 by a group of young Silvio d’Amico Academy graduates with the intention of investigating the possibilities of contemporary setting through all forms of action theater, the revival of classics and researching original playwriting. The Company’s productions weave a dramaturgy-based diversified proposal, interspersed on scene with intense linguistic contaminations.

    Andreea Valean is a well known playwright and theater director. She graduated the Academy of Theatre and Film, Bucharest and is one of the founder members of dramAcum, one of the best projects in the field of contemporary theater in promoting young directors and emerging playwrights. She is also an appreciated and awarded scriptwriter and producer in cinematography.