About us

Short Theatre is a festival of performing arts that, since 2006, in Rome, has offered an ever-changing landscape of live acts. A temporary community that rebuilds itself annually around the international and national arts scene – plays, performances, installations, meetings, concerts and DJ sets. A lens with which to investigate changing languages, imagine new affinities, moving beyond disciplinary, geographical and cultural confines.

Short Theatre has been created by the Cultural Association AREA06, under the artistic direction of Fabrizio Arcuri and the general direction and co-curation of Francesca Corona.


AREA06 is a platform working both in Italy and Europe that produces, organizes and promotes various cultural projects: educational programmes, festivals, artistic careers.
AREA06 is both a resource for projects development and an idea of cultural policy. Several subjects from different generations and professions take part in AREA06: managers, artists, administrators, young trainees, moodboarders searching for new ways of producing and communicating, for a different approach to theatre and other areas.
AREA06 is a member of the Associazione Scenario. AREA06 has been producing Short Theatre since 2006.



direzione artistica / artistic direction:
Fabrizio Arcuri |

direzione generale e co-curatela / executive direction and co-curator:
Francesca Corona |

produzione / production:
Matteo Angius
Giulia Messia
Roberta Zanardo
con la collaborazione di Marta Marinelli

direzione amministrativa / administrative direction:
Roberta Scaglione
Elena Campanile
in collaborazione con / in collaboration with Giusy Guadagno

direzione tecnica / technical direction
Chiara Martinelli
Diego Labonia

comunicazione / communication:
Lorenza Accardo
con la collaborazione di Silvia Carpente, Alessandra Pettinato e Kamila Straszynska

biglietteria / ticket office:;
Marco De Francesca
con la collaborazione di Laura Marano e Silvia Parlani

ufficio stampa / press office:
Alessandro Gambino |
con la collaborazione di Maresa Palmacci

graphic art direction:
Simone Tso

foto / photo:
Claudia Pajewski
in collaborazione con / in collaboration with Carolina Farina

web master:
Manlio Ma