7th September | 00:00 am
La Pelanda – Outdoor area

In collaboration with Santarcangelo Festival

GEGEN is made to get people off. In order to do this, bodies must not only be highly sexualized, but objectified, fetishized, eroticized and made to accommodate very particular individual kinks. Political correctness has become an intellectual prison within which an extremely limited dialogue can take place, and in fact where monologues and diatribes are usually the discursive practice. Embracing the need to objectify and be objectified, to fetishize and be fetishized, to play the willing victim as well as the victimizer, opens up a mine field that will be difficult to traverse, but it is a ore intellectually provocative and honest terrain from which to understand who we are as complex sexual beings. For this reason “becoming meat” appears to be the best relational way and a tribute to the location of the old roman Slaughterhouse. GEGEN MEAT.

*Adapted from the essay  “ The Hot Bods of Queer Porn” by Barbara Degenevieve



GEGEN is not an heterosexual event. GEGEN is not a gay and lesbian event. GEGEN is a queer event. In german GEGEN means “Against”. In our case GEGEN does not have an “object” so its being “against” is a word-play based on contradiction. GEGEN is then against itself. In this perspective, the idea is not believing in a resolutive synthesis but in dialogics, opening contradictions to let individualisms blossom beyond the bi-polar though man/ woman, male/female, hetero/homo. Since seven years, GEGEN is an event produced by Fabio Boxikus and Warbear. It is happening in Berlin once every two months, gathering thousands of people in the infamous Kit Kat Club. Gegen became a transnational platform of queer artists exposing multiple languages in four different dancefloors running in the same time. As it’s so easy to be “against”,the question that remains is: “”What are you in favor of?”

WARBEAR Born in Rome in 1970 he currently lives and works between Berlin and Rome as a social anthropologist, doctor in urbanistics, writer, curator and dj. His most famous books are Free party for Meltemi Editore and Tanz Berlin for Manifesto Libri. He played and lectured all
over the world. With Fabio Boxikus, he produces the event GEGEN in which he is a resident dj in Berlin.

XIK Fabio Boxikus, aka XIK, grounded in the 2007 together with Francesco Ciardo, the queer techno underground event Sabotage Berlin, where he also started his carrier as video artist, maintaining a political profile deployed towards the gender issue. This made him travel and been hosted in different events in Europe, like Behind Bars (London), Les Fatales (Barcelona), Phag Off (Rome), Queer Festival (Warsaw) and so on. Since January 2011, together with Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear, grounded the event Gegen Berlin, becoming one of the most representative queer event in the city. Recently Boxikus began his career as a dj with the name of XIK. From 2014 to 2017 he coproduced the “Drone” music-noise and industrial event.

MAR/US Born in 1985, from a violinist father, has always been fascinated by the harmonic sounds and eager to manipulate them. After experimenting different musical scenes, which will led him climb in the consoles of the most important parties in Rome and throughout Italy, such as Gorgeous, Muccassassina, Frutta & Verdura, Cox but also Forte Prenestino which represents the underground temple in Rome, those sound and noise obsession will make him embrace the underground and queer reality which will guide him straight to Berlin. Internationally he is collaborating with various Berlin events such as Phönix, Buttons and he’s currently resident at Gegen Berlin.