Panorama Roma

Panorama Roma

5€ each session

9th September | 2 pm – 5 pm  – 9 pm
La Pelanda | Studio 2 – Teatro 1 – Studio 1

2 pm – Studio 2
Dynamis, Frosini/Timpano, Salvo Lombardo
5 pm – Teatro 1
BLUEMOTION, Federica Santoro, Industria Indipendente
9 pm – Studio 1
Alessandra Di Lernia, Artisti§Innocenti, lacasadargilla

The imagination of a place.
Panorama Roma is a new project born out of Short Theatre which gathers together further realities within the city of Rome. It is a space for sharing. Sharing an itinerary, a project. For many years in Rome, there has been a lack of spaces where relationships and exchange can be cultivated, terrain capable of bearing the sedimentation and construction of thought itself.
Fertile ground where thought can be turned to action, shared actions that create community. Panorama Roma wants to be the first step towards a place that enables thoughts to become actions. Gathering the instances of citizens, artists, scholars, enthusiasts that have the urgency to share a vision, to put it to the test and turn it into an active project. Panorama Roma is the imagination of a place that creates the space for projects to become realities.

Starting with the need to relaunch the dialogue with Rome’s art scene,  gathered around the work and study in which this scene moves, Short Theatre 2018 wants to recreate a space and a time in which this can occur, even outside the schedule of performances, creating an agenda that can move beyond the time allotted to Short Theatre and move forward in other spaces and in other moments throughout the year.

PANORAMA ROMA will spend the entirety of Sunday 9 September from 2 p.m. at work on this ideal with three working sessions in which three artists or companies from Rome’s art scene will present their works-in-progress in the way they best see fit – study materials, extracts, readings, exhibitions, etc. For this first Edition of PANORAMA ROMA the artists involved are: Alessandra Di LerniaFederica SantoroBLUEMOTIONIndustria IndipendenteArtisti§InnocentiTimpano/FrosiniSalvo LombardoDynamis.

2:00 p.m. – Studio 2

♦ Dynamis
The projects of the group Dynamis are the result of collective writing, brutally manipulated by several hands – the spectator often assumes an active role in moulding the texts and is part of the process being carried out on stage. Uncertainty is part of the creative act.
In M²,  the public is the essence of the performance, the matrix of the action which is orchestrated in a game played by strangers.
Through the supposition and confirmation of what is possible to do in a limited space, the action engages the participants in a study of the collaborative capacities of humanity.
In the works of the collective, there is an urgency to create a new relationship with the city and the spectators, starting by connecting artistic practice to daily life and nurturing the idea that the unpredictability of any encounter is the most extraordinary aspect of such meetings.

idea and realization Dynamis
production Dynamis – Teatro Vascello Centro di produzione teatrale La fabbrica dell’attore
in collaboration with Pergine FestivalTenuta Dello ScompiglioOff Off TheatreAltofest – international contemporary live artArmunia-CastiglioncelloAngelo Mai
visual comunication Studio Co-Co

♦ Frosini / Timpano
Dialogue around “Gli Sposi”
Frosini / Timpano take on their second staging of another’s text. As part of the project Fabulamundi, Playwriting Europe and thanks to the translation by Attilio Scarpellini, Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano bring the story of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena to the stage, finding the approach of French writer David Lescot similar to that of other works by the company. Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano are authors, directors and actors that deconstruct the narration of History, analysing society, starting with the references that make up the contemporary imagination and conscience. “Our dialogue with the public is based on what we share here, today – the same hypocrisy, the same clichés, the same fears.” They were nominated for an Ubu Prize for Best Dramaturgy in 2012 with Aldo Morto and in 2017 with Acqua di Colonia. For Panorama Roma, they will present a dialogue out of this latest production – Sposi by David Lescot – which will debut and run from 9 to 12 November at Teatro India in Rome, enriched by various extracts and by the story of the collaboration with the French author and performer, who, also in 2016, staged Aldo Morto by Daniele Timpano in France.

Directed and acted by Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano
Text by David Lescot
Translation by Attilio Scarpellini
Lighting Design by Omar Scala
Set and Costumes by Alessandro Ratti
Artistic Collaboration Lorenzo Letizia
Assistant Director Camilla Fraticelli
Off-Stage Voice Valerio Malorni
Project Graphics Valentina Pastorino
A play by Frosini / Timpano
Production GliScarti, Accademia degli Artefatti, Kataklisma Teatro
With the support of Armunia,Spazio ZUT!,Teatro di Roma, Asti Teatro
Part of Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe

♦ Salvo Lombardo | Chiasma
Dances 4 Belly Buttons & Friends
The action proposed by Salvo Lombardo for Panorama Roma was born out of the more ample project L’ Esemplare Capovolto which looks at the problem of the representation of the body regarding the ethnocentric tendencies of Western culture to classify subjects according to stable and pre-established confines of identity. The central nucleus of the debate is the play Excelsior by Salvo Lombardo / Chiasma which attempts a critical remediation (through the filters of cultural and post-colonial studies) of the Gran Ballo Excelsior of 1881 which celebrated the conquests of progress, the industrial revolution, colonial imperialism and the affirmation of the concept of national identity. Which iconography and images of Gran Ballo Excelsior still emerge today in the representations of the “others”, in the depiction of bodies, and in the negotiation of relations between Europe and “the rest of the world”? To answer these questions, Salvo Lombardo will invite four artists from the world of dance and performance to compare notes, discuss and negotiate a series of key words around the themes brought up in the creation of the play Excelsior. This action, thought of as a moment of public sharing, has the aim of reducing the distance between the phases of the creative process and the public space, seen not as a frame of an event but as an event in itself which incorporates a complex system of interactions in an attempt to integrate the practice of choreography with that of dialectics.

Salvo Lombardo, performer, choreographer and director, is artistic director of the group Chiasma, engaged in carrying out actions and creations in the field of performance and art and is recognised by the MIBACT as an “Under 35” Producer of Dance. He is an associated artist at the Festival Oriente Occidente and collaborates as a choreographer with numerous festivals, theatres and companies in Italy and abroad. His works range from theatre, dance, performance and video art.

Created and curated by Salvo Lombardo
Sound Fabrizio Alviti
In the frame of the project L’esemplare Capovolto / Excelsior
Production Chiasma supported by MiBACT – Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali e del Turismo
Co-production Théâtre National de Chaillot, Parigi, Festival Oriente Occidente, Rovereto; Festival Fabbrica Europa,  Firenze, Romaeuropa Festival, Roma; Versiliadanza, Firenze.
With the support of Teatro della Toscana / Pontedera Teatro,  ACS Abruzzo
Creation phase realised in the frame of Residenze coreografiche Lavanderia a Vapore 3.0 / Piemonte dal Vivo 

5:00 p.m. – Theatre 1

♦ Industria Indipendente

The first block of notes and audio/video fragments retrace our daily practice of writing and the transfiguration of reality. We have come to each other using our bodies, our desires, our existential and emotional archeologies to map out a philology comprised of both real and imagined connections. We are searching for alternative poetry and politics to survive the desertification, we are exploring the refuges of the past and the present of other existences and other entities, in an attempt to create a community of like-minded people, where the sense of time and reality itself can be outdone and where DUNNO can come to life.

Dunno is the activation of a space for potential.
The term represents the contracted form of I Don’t Know.
It expresses doubt and confusion.
In this confusion, we make our way, discovering analogues between real and imagined bodies and entities.
We feel the need to train for this confusion

♦ Federica Santoro and Luca Tilli
L’ANITRASELVATICAI Sommersi, a work in movements of various lengths and natures, quadri without a stunning beginning, or a dramatic ending and with a stunning beginning and a dramatic ending.
We present extracts of the first “quadro” (in itself a complete work), offered as an exposition of intent. The savage matter introduced by Ibsen, which is hidden amidst the words of the work, is a creative invitation, and, thus, the project sprouts from these seeds, it self-propagates through images, sounds, experiments, collaborations, overflows, proliferates in its study. Such a design lives off incalculable moments, far from certain productive rules now present, we ask ourselves how to sensitise the productivity and distribution of certain creative processes and certain creative spaces.
For almost ten years, Federica Santoro and Luca Tilli have been sharing their research which has as its original matter, the co-habitation of sound and action, they have often worked with musicians and other performers.

Extracts from L’ A N I T R A S E L V A T I C A, I Sommersi
Curated by Federica Santoro and Luca Tilli
Direction and dramaturgy by Federica Santoro
Music by Luca Tilli
Scenic elements and much more by Marina Schindler
Light Design by Dario Salvagnini
With Federica Santoro, Gabriele Portoghese, Luca Tilli
Artistic Collaborators Ettore Frani and Paola Feraiorni
The painting on stage, from the series “ I Sommersi” is by Ettore Frani

HERE WE GO (e tu sei solo una cosa che capita)
Some years ago we were asked to translate a text by Caryl Churchill. That meeting was fatal. It was an opera libretto and as such contained our two souls, that of theatre and that of music. We are a collective of theatre performers and musicians, always working together, even when, on paper, theatre won’t help the music and viceversa. And so it was in this year of work in the project Non Normale, Non Rassicurante. Progetto Caryl Churchill (curated by Paola Bono and Angelo Mai). Caffettiera Blu and Settimo Cielo are the two plays that we created, Porci e Cani an agitprop piece and Non Non Non Non Non Abbastanza Ossigeno a radiodrama. We just recently started working on Here We Go, a text from 2015, which we we are working on the first time. Like every time you fall in love, the love for this author has remained, in part, mysterious and simply visceral. The coup de foudre is, for its continued reinvention of worlds and languages, not realistic and functional as radical social protest (her political intensity, such as her fervent feminism, environmentalism and anti-imperialism is well known). But even more is invested in the need to “Find a balance that doesn’t superimpose poetry and form without relating to the details of life, and don’t pile up details without finding form and poetry. The form is in itself a means of expression, and a good theatrical text is like music in representing various themes, in changing rhythms, in conflicts and harmonies.” (C.C.)

The research of Bluemotion adheres to theses words down deep, imagining that the theatrical text can be inferred as being, not just the written page, but also the writing that a group does while on stage.

Creation Giorgina Pi
 Marco CavalcoliCristiano De FabritiisSylvia De FantiViola MisitiAglaia MoraAurora PeresAndrea PesceXhulio PetushiAlessandro RiceciFederica SantoroEmilio Vacca
Production Angelo Mai

9:00 p.m. – Studio 1

♦ Alessandra Di Lernia
Alessandra Di Lernia is a doctor of research in Islamic Civilisation. She made a radical change when she began working in the theatre as a dramatist and actress (her credits include Qui Giacciono le Ossa Rotte Di, Attraverso un Inverno, Il Retro dei Giorni, Col Tempo, Del Sordo Rumore delle Dita). Seduced by Rome’s “new” contemporary scene, she has partaken in its shared examination of theatrical representation and the validity of fictional acting. Within the context of Panorama Roma, she presents some pieces from Spes Contra Spem_Speranza Contro Speranza, her last text, which revolves around an injury and a lengthy convalescence, in order to look at various pathological aspects of our NOW, time now, that piece of Western time lacking any point of reference, where all hope is lost and only prayer seems necessary.

By Alessandra di Lernia
With Costanza Cosi, Alessandra Di Lernia, Aura Ghezzi, Valentina Mangoni, Carlotta Velda Mei.

♦ lacasadargilla
Piovono pietre – Genealogie, confini e relazioni a partire da When The Rain Stops Falling di Andrew Bovell

♦ Artisti§Innocenti
A performing group with variable presences, comprised of visual artists and ordinary people, Artisti Innocenti has been active since 2007 with expository projects and improbable moral works: all low-aesthetic activities, carried out in various contexts, always with direct contact with the public.Their work includes living installations and site-specific pieces, environmental cabarets, innocuous blitzes, happenings and the conception and curation of a vast variety of projects and actions in varying contexts: from the MAXXI with the collaboration with a collective performance (Taxxi, 2011), to the Auditorium di Roma (Sessione Riccioli con TrofeiCoppe e Marmitte, 2016), from the series of exhibitions, events and performances created at the department store MAS (CameriniNuovi CameriniFuori TuttoSottoSotto, 2016) and Opera Omnia (2016-2018), mapping with selfies of the works of the Galleria Nazionale. For Short Theatre, their playful suspension of time will manifest itself in several installations en plain air in the afternoon to, then, be concentrated during the evening, inside, with video at their Panksepp (rodent-esque) Colony on the Tiber, which will, then, be transformed in a bathing establishment, Vegetable Theatre and improbable as much as it is cracked “typical augmented reality” with their pharaonic mise en abyme: a large sculpture of the Urbe and, thus, an omni-comprehensive Panorama Roma, comprised of a human map created in collaboration with the public. A work in progress, open to future efforts and developments. They are currently working on, among other projects, a spectacular series of performances in numerous episodes entitled Constanza Zimmer – Pensionato Signorile in Piramide.