Network and collaboration


PAV creates and realizes cultural projects in partnership with artists and institutions.
Born in Rome in 2000, PAV specializes in the production, management and administration of cultural events, festivals, shows and conferences and works with public national institutions, theatres, foreign embassies, artists and companies, combining an institutional profile with a support to the independent scene.

The synergy between PAV and AREA06/Short Theatre has left its mark on the history of both, having always shared projects and work itineraries. Thanks to the collaboration between PAV and Short Theatre, the thirteenth edition of the festival offers L’uomo che cammina di DOM-, besides the joint activities connected to Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, of which PAV is the leader and Short Theatre a partner.

I.N. Italia

The need to find forms of collaboration starting from common sensibilities towards contemporary art and the performing arts in general has brought about the creation, in 2012, of the network Finestate Festival. For the three-year period of 2018/2020, the network chooses to refound itself under the new name of I.N. Italia – Network per lo Sviluppo Internazionale delle Performing Arts IN Italia, opening up to new members and setting new objectives. In the current configuration, which could include more partners in the future, there are 9 Italian entities, including 4 multidisciplinary festivals: Comune di Bassano del Grappa – B.motion/Operaestate Festival Veneto, Festival Internazionale della Creazione Contemporanea di Terni/Indisciplinarte, Short Theatre/AREA 06, Fondazione CRT Teatro dell’Arte; 5 Teatri di produzione: TSV Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale, MET Fondazione Teatro Metastasio /Contemporanea Festival, TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa /Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Sardegna Teatro., Fondazione Teatro Grande of Brescia.


The need to find new forms of collaboration, starting from common concerns regarding contemporary art, brought about a shared project by Short Theatre and Santarcangelo Festival. The collaboration between the two festivals has existed informally for many past editions already, sharing both research and discoveries, in the theatre, as well as in other contemporary artistic creations. This year, Short Theatre and Santarcangelo Festival attempt some magic, jointly managing, in part, their respective musical programs, sharing a common atmosphere subsequently, despite their geographic differences: some of the concerts and dj sets are the result of the collaboration between the two Festivals, an open dialogue between a major Capital and a small city.

Welcomed by Santarcangelo, are some of the artists (Holiday INN, Tropicantesimo, Lady Maru) connected with Fanfulla, an important space in Rome. Short Theatre will host a live performance of GEGEN, legendary kinky evening in Berlin.

Dèrive – basta stare a guardare con attenzione

Carrozzerie | N.O.T is a growing phenomenon in Rome, which dedicates its forces to creating new projects connected to dance, theatre and the performing arts. Since 2013, it has acted as a platform for identifying and sustaining new projects and artistic endeavours in their becoming a reality. Short Theatre and Carrozzerie_N.O.T share their efforts towards aiding the productions of emerging talents by offering support and guidance. Starting last year, the two entities created the project Dérive – Basta Stare a Guardare con Attenzione. 

This year, the collaboration between Short Theatre and Carrozzerie_N.O.T is realised in the presentation of Just before the forest of Emanuela Serra, winner of ODIOLESTATE 2017.

Lettera 22 - Premio Giornalistico di Critica Teatrale

Short Theatre is a part of the network Lettera 22 – Premio Giornalistico di Critica Teatrale under 36 and from edition 2018 will be hosting its final.

Lettera 22 is a competion recognized by National Order of Journalists, adressed to young journalists, collaborators, blogger and university students which want to accept the challange : to create the new models of art critic for theatre and dance. 

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