In folklore, the Controra are the visionary hours of the early afternoon, when the sun beats down and shadows disappear, ushering in the appearance of spirits, sirens, nymphs and demons. It is a hot and magic time that interrupts the monotony of the day, the hour that stops activity and dilates atmosphere. The Controra of Short Theatre 2018 subverts the temporal grammar of the day and lights up after sundown, including live performances, dj sets, radio programs, night-life. It is an hour marked by a different kind of time, stretched out, unproductive and undemanding, allowing for the most unpredictable encounters.


dj mistrece

Dj Mistrece

6th September | 00:30 am La Pelanda – Outdoor Area DJ Set Dj Mistrece: a superheroine of albanian ganza music Dj Mistrece is the alias of Jonida Prifti, an artist born in Berat, Albania, and based in Rome since 2001. As a child, she loved to create casette compilations. Now she mixes in original hip…


Ninos du Brasil

6th September | 11:30 pm La Pelanda – Outdoor Area Concert 1h Ninos du Brasil, the musical project whose origins continue to be shrouded in mystery, present for the first time in Rome their LP “Vida Eterna”. The titles of the songs and the sharp drama behind them suggest the idea of album conceived as a ceaseless…




7th September | 00:00 am La Pelanda – Outdoor area Party In collaboration with Santarcangelo Festival GEGEN is made to get people off. In order to do this, bodies must not only be highly sexualized, but objectified, fetishized, eroticized and made to accommodate very particular individual kinks. Political correctness has become an intellectual prison within…



7th September | 9:45 pm La Pelanda – Outdoor area Live set 45′ world premier ‘My grandma went blind before I was born. She knows who I am and she knows my voice better than I do. I believe the “Jing” in her mind is a deeper version of myself, and one I aim to…




8th September | 6.00 pm – 3.00 am La Pelanda – Outdoor Area Sound environment Tropicantesimo has existed for five years and has evolved into its current form over the course of numerous events, during which it has delineated its unpredictable musical dramaturgy. Like with any natural phenomenon, it is impossible to say how long…





Ubi Broki : industria

Ubi Broki / Industria Indipendente

12th September | 12:00 am La Pelanda – Outdoor area DJ Set   PROVOCARE REALTÀ ESSENTIAL MISSX The future is South, drones, machine sounds, electricity flowing, kebab, black magic, beats and sensuality. Reality is already so complex that it can’t even be narrated. Reality is already so disturbing that we can do nothing less than…

Winter Family

Winter Family

12th September | 11:00 pm La Pelanda – Outdoor Area Live Winter Family is a musical duo comprised of Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine. They live between Paris and Tel Aviv, also creating theatre and documentaries. Their music is described as “doom swing”, “funeral pop” and “weird wave”, it is dense, saturated and obsessive. In…



Bad Peace _ Rinuncia a Satana

13th September | 11 pm La Pelanda – Outdoor Area Live and dj-set Besides the daily schedule of events of Verso il Mattino, one of the Projects in Residence of Short Theatre 2018, Bad Peace is organising the entire evening of Thursday the 13th with performances, concerts and DJ sets – Refusal of Satan.   REFUSAL OF SATAN May God destroy you…


Black Friday install

NERO: Arab Futurism

14th September | from 9pm La Pelanda – Outdoor Area 9:00 pm Presentation of The Queue di Basma Abdel Aziz in conversation with Sophia Al Maria, Donatella Della Ratta, Giulia Crispiani 11:00 pm DANI + PALM WINE  (dj set) + electro-chaabi sound by Not (vedi Controra) While racism and islamophobia  are spreading in Europe, over the last years a new generation…



Spring Attitude Waves: DEBONAIR

15th September| 00:00 am La Pelanda – Outdoor area DJ Set national premier DEBONAIR is a club and radio DJ based in London. She is as comfortable in the booth as she is in the studio and has developed a signature style that juxtaposes genres, eras and textures. She has been an integral part of…