Resident Projects

In recent years, Short Theatre has expanded its open spaces, open to the marginalised, ready to gather up intuitions that show up from the outside world.

The RESIDENT PROJECTS are those projects which are designated to function throughout the entire duration of the festival. There are two areas for daily happenings, a specific calendar which interacts and comments on the main calendar of the festival, two oases curated by artists with whom the Festival shares affinity and proximity.

Valentina Pascarella

Bad Peace _ Verso il mattino

Project in Residence from 6th to 15th September | 7 pm – 10 pm La Pelanda Bed-in In the space outside La Pelanda, open to all and for the full duration of the festival, there will be the official radio broadcasting area of the festival, including live concerts, selected music of singer/songwriters, meetings, chats, lectures…


OHT_Little Fun Palace

Residency Project from 6th to 15th September | 6 pm – 00.00 am La Pelanda – Outdoor Area Installation world premier A trailer. A tiny portable pavilion. A bar. A temporary meeting place. An homage to Fun Palace; the legendary project by architect Cedric Price and theatre director Joan Littlewood who, in the sixties, wanted…