Tempo libero

Provocare Realtà also means looking at the ways and conditions of how knowledge is transmitted, that shape experiences and ideas. This year, Short Theatre 2018 pays particular attention to educational itineraries and workshops, under the heading Tempo Libero.

Skhol in ancient Greece was ‘tempo libero’, dedicated to mental meanderings, or studies, then becoming “the place you go to study”. This is the kind of temperature Short Theatre wants to reach, opening up spaces of liberty – away from producing, accounting, obtaining – which can involve the spectators and that are rich in offerings for imagining new realities. With Tempo Libero, Short Theatre gives the public seminars, practical workshops and open masterclasses held by the artists hosted by the Festival, but it becomes itself an “object of study” for more ample formative itineraries.

Juan Dominguez – Dirty Room 
5th September | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Teatro India

Dirty Room is a workshop that draws from a working method developed by Juan Dominguez in Clean Room (2010-2016), a project based on seriality, a now-predominant narrative model in TV fiction. Spread over several seasons and episodes, the performative project featured the gathering of spectators as protagonist of the u unusual plot.

TV series consumers may well decide when and where they log in to follow a fictional piece but theatre does not have the same freedom. In Clean Room, spectators were required to attend every episode and no one was allowed in along the way. Transferred to theatre, the idea of seriality, given its fragmentary component, revealed a different type of narrative temporality based on continuity.

By making the audience complicit and involved in the project, the loyalty creating process was also discussed. With Dirty Room, Juan Dominguez adopts the same methodology to address notions of narration, involvement and cooperation through collective experiences.

The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 24th August.

Tiago Rodrigues – Writing for People
7th September | 10:00 am – 13:00 am
La Pelanda

Tiago Rodrigues was brought up as an artist in a collaborative way of working, aiming at the most democratic way possible to make theatre together. Colaborare, from the latin, means “working together”, but it can also mean ͞”feeling pain together͟ or ͞being tired together͟”.

Since he started working in theatre, 20 years ago now, Tiago Rodrigues has asked himself how can he understand the people he’s with and share their vision of the world. It’s not about adapting to the aesthetics or politics of someone else. When he chose to do theatre, one of his main motivations was the fact that he would not spend his life obeying orders. It’s not about cancelling his own voice: Tiago Rodrigues tries to understand and adapt to others because he likes singing in the choir. Sometimes he sings out of key, but still as part of the choir. He wants to participate in the world, be with others, be tired and in pain and, if possible, happy with others.

When he started writing his own plays, about 10 years ago, he tried to continue to collaborate. Tiago Rodrigues never really just write: he always writes for someone. And more than writing for actors, dancers or performers, he tries to write for Isabel, Pedro, Sofia, Vitor, Frank, Jolente.

In Parallel Lives, Plutarch wrote that after Antony and Cleopatra, to love became the ability to experience the world through the sensibility of the other. Becoming the other while still being you. That’s what Tiago Rodrigues looks for: a romantic collaboration that is only possible if he’s able to see through someone else’s eyes.

To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 24th August.

Tropicantesimo Crew – TROPICANTESIMO. Workshop of  the “open sound”
11th and 12th September | 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Teatro India – Sala B

Tropicantesimo is a sonic and dance experience aimed at liberating and waking the consciousness and the body. Through the mix of multiple sonic and rhythmic references, the musical experiences forge a Utopia created of desire.

The workshop is open to all, people of all ages and genders, just like the dance space of Tropicantesimo. There are no specific skills required. It is a two-day workshop on building sound, starting with the most varied sources. It starts with the presentation and construction of the sound machine of Tropicantesimo, along with technical reflections and theories on the generation of “open sound”, that sound which includes any source and gathers any accidental sound event. The second part of the workshop is the creation of sound, through the interaction of all the participants with the machine, which concludes with a recording.

The workshop has limited capacity (max 15 people) and reservations are mandatory.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 24th August.

Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin – Pleasure Body
13th and 14th September | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Teatro India

The workshop is dedicated to the celebration of femme, queer, trans, non-binary, ethnically ambiguous, resilient and militant bodies. Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin is focusing on creating exclusive spaces and practices for marginalized folks by creating temporary communities in which it can be discussed and practiced alliance, body-positivity, consent and self-love. Through a series of practices aimed at generating experience of pleasure as a training for empowerment, Pleasure Body is an invitation to define this experience through the language of resistance, to propose a comeback against patriarchal, white, cis-het traumas.

  • The workshop doesn’t require any specific knowledge in the practices of dance and performance;
  • there is no age limit to participate in the workshop;– photos and filming are not allowed;
  • any sexist, racist, ableist, homo/transphobic and body shaming behaviour or comments will not be tolerated;
  • the workshop is in Italian and English;
  • the workshop has limited capacity, bookings work on a first-come first-served basis.

To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 24th August.

Guerrilla Theory / Opening Modulo Arti
7th Septmber | from 4:30 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 1

Guerrilla Theory is a follow-up meeting on gender studies and feminism. It represents the opening act of the Arts Module of Master in Gender Studies of the Università di Roma3. During the symposium, which welcomes all the participants, both hosts and audience will discuss about recent debates.

Info about the scheduling of the meeting can be found at this link.

J&J (Jessica Huber & James Leadbitter aka the vacuum cleaner)
In collaboration with Baobab Experience
from 7th to 9th Septmeber

The future isn’t looking hopeful. Climate change, peak oil, mass migration, wars in the Arab world and beyond, destabilisation within Europe, financial instability, the rise of nationalism and the erosion of human rights. It’s difficult to look into the future without fear. Artists J&J refuse to be governed by the politics of fear. Through a process of performances and workshops they are igniting long-term discussions, exchanges and actions about our system of values, our fears, hopes and collective future. The art of a culture of hope confronts the catastrophes and misfortunes of the contemporary world. It aims to connect themes large and small, public and personal, the individual struggles with the bigger stories that alarm the world, and ask, “How can we create a space for potential, a space for hope?”

For Short Theatre 2018, J&J will facilitate a series of workshops with asylum seekers in collaboration with Baobab Experience, over three days. On 11th September they will present A Sharing about The art of a culture of hope project, sharing stories from the people they have met and ideas they have encountered whilst in Rome, as well as those collected over the past three years travelling across Europe.

Da.Re – Dance Research
from 6th to 15th September
Teatro India

Da.Re. – Dance Research is a three-year program of educational “finishing” and research of national and international breadth, geared towards dancers and performers 18 years of age and older, with the artistic direction of Adriana Borriello.

Short Theatre, partner of the project, has decided to share with Da.Re. spaces and events – the students of Da.Re. will have the possibility to undertake a viewing itinerary geared at amplifying their knowledge and allowing them to interact with international artists; the public of Short Theatre can access the program of Da.Re. at Teatro India and, in particular, at the morning meetings of Tai-Chi. The programs of Short Theater and Da.Re. meet in the locations of the Festival, allowing activities to be shared with the public and, at the same time, offer an opportunity to the students of Da.Re. to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Festival and fully take part.

Arts Module – Masters in Gender Studies of the Università di Roma3
from 7th to 15th September

Born in 2001 at the Università Roma Tre, the Masters Studies and Politics of Gender is an educational project based on the in-depth look at gender studies and feminism, with a focus towards the most recent tendencies and debates. For the 2018 Edition, the Arts Module of the Master will be held in collaboration with Short Theatre: lectures will alternate with workshops, experimenting with different work and research methods, in contact with creative practices and the lively context of the festival itself.

The goal of the program is to provide theoretical instruments with which to  decipher contemporary artistic language, through a feminist assumption inherent to the process. Opening up a scholarly perspective on art as it meets with feminist politics allows for the acquisition of new methods for theoretical research and a mapping of images – even radical ones – which are born out of the creative process.

The Module follows a course of practical knowledgecreative processes, poetics and different trans-disciplinary attitudes, utilising certain keys of access – from experimentation to a plurality of languages, from assemblage to installations and inter-textuality between body, image and word, from mainstream culture to the cultures of minorities, subcultures, queer culture. Every lesson involves meetings with artists, writers, curators and professionals from the sector, in the context of the space itself where art is born and reproduced.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 15th August

Info: Modulo arti | Call di iscrizione 2018

Dominio Pubblico Summer Moving 2018

Dominio Pubblico Summer Moving 2018, joint project of the associations Dominio Pubblico of Rome, CapoTrave/Kilowatt of Sansepolcro and MeaRevolutio(nae) of Anghiari, intends to favour active citizenship and the skills of those under the age of 30. The project promotes the participation of two multidisciplinary summer festivals, Kilowatt Festival in Sansepolcro and Short Theatre in Rome.

Thanks to the contact with critics and artists, meetings, viewing itineraries and communication and promotional activities like working with the staff of the festival, the young people involved in the project will have the opportunity  to talk about their experiences on a published blog on the site

Teatro e Critica Lab
In collaboration with Dominio Pubblico

The staff of Teatro e Critica put its work together with the young spectators of Dominio Pubblico; the goal is offer the under-25s that are part of the crew of Dominio Pubblico the proper critical and technical tools for intelligent viewing.

An educator from the magazine will guide the participants through the program of  Short Theatre, stimulating group reflections and enhancing the perspective on the written narrative of the Festival. It is possible to read the results of their daily work in the form of reviews, interviews and reflections at

from 6th to 16th September

FABULAMUNDI DRAMA LAB is a project conceived and realized in partnership by PAV (Rome) and Teatro-i (Milan), a training course for twelve playwrights under 35. The Fabulamundi Drama Lab workshops will take place between September 2018 and March 2019 with a double focus of work on Rome – in the context of Short Theater – and on Milan, and with translation residencies abroad and in Italy, to trigger new dynamics of relationship and contamination starting from contemporary dramaturgy. The activities in Rome of the Drama Lab will stimulate connections and dialogues with various professionals in the theatre sector specially selected by the Fabulamundi international network, including its partners. Authors, directors, theorists, directors of theaters and festivals, journalists, writers and heterogeneous interlocutors will alternate with the aim of providing participants, thanks to a calendar of meetings and talks, concrete and targeted tools on what it means to do contemporary dramaturgy today, both in terms of production and internationalization.

Fabulamundi Drama Lab is a project conceived and realized by PAV and Teatro-i with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative “Sillumina – Private copy for young people, for culture”