Be Safe / Covid-19

The festival is the place to experience other temporalities, other spatialities in a poetics of relationship.
It is here the space to act “in concert”, not so much to operate in conformity, but rather to negotiate convergent and divergent aims aimed at the common good and the safety of all_. ShortTheatre takes into account the rules and good practices necessary to ensure the containment of Covid-19. Rules and tricks that we have learned to know and that allow everyone – artists, audience, staff – to go through the festival safely, without worry and discomfort.

We would like to remind you of some of the procedures to pay attention to:

Access to the festival sites

In order to access the venues – both indoors and outdoors – in accordance with the decree law of 6 August 2021 on anti-Covid measures, it is necessary to present the Green Pass documenting vaccination or the negative result of the swab carried out within the previous 48 hours.


In compliance with current health regulations, and in order to allow everyone to attend shows in complete safety, we have reduced the seating capacity of our locations and have tried to create as many outdoor settings as possible. The many installations present in the program do allow us some flexibility around  entrances. Most of the events will be performed twice and we are gearing up to broadcast  them via live streaming. We will also describe the unfolding of the Festival in real time through videos, interviews and detailed analysis. However, we ask you to be more patient than usual if the tickets you are looking for are sold out!



One of the things we like most about Short Theatre is that every moment becomes an excuse to meet up and be together. Thus any lines at the ticket office for Pelanda or WeGil are usually a pretext for this! However, this year we will have to give up this much loved habit: starting from the last week of August, tickets can be purchased online and it will not be possible to reserve admission without having pre-purchased – or booked, where necessary – your seat. For the same reason, it is important to arrive half an hour before the start of a show and to notify the ticket office in case of cancellation.


Parties and Fun

The party is a serious thing for us, because we believe it is one of the central planks in  constructing a community, and one of the most important tools for keeping it strong. This is why we will try not to give up on this despite the delicate balance that needs to be struck this year. Musical moments will be held outdoors, not only to ensure that the experience is pleasant and bright, but in order to guarantee a higher number of admissions, though these will be limited in any case.
We want everyone to participate safely and feel a sense of intimate connection, but we need to do so in compliance with all the rules and regulations: we hope to be able to count on your patience and openness so that everything is as beautiful as we want it to be for you, and so that everyone can feel at ease living through this time of sharing. The number of tickets issued will allow us to manage attendances over the various spaces that are scattered around the festival locations, and both WeGil and Pelanda will have a free chill-out area to help soften the flow of people.


Masks & disinfectants

By now you will be used to it: wear masks where required and use as often as possible the disinfectant gel that you will find around the spaces. If you have forgotten your mask, please ask at the entrance and one will be given to you! However, we ask you to be careful and avoid leaving masks on the ground: we care about our own health, but also that of the environment!


Physical distancing

We trust you – how could we not. We therefore expect you to be responsible and aware of the risks you run in sharing physical closeness with the people you come to the festival with and, above all, of any risk you might pose to the people around you. Let’s make Short Theatre 2020 a great experiment in collective responsibility and exercise of common sense, trying to recognise when the excessive presence of people, or their closeness or any other corporeal issues can not only jeopardise the health of those who share the spaces with us, but also their serenity in truly living the festival experience.