Anticipation of the Night

Anticipation of the Night is the discursive space that lights up every day in the late afternoon, moving between the different locations.

PRISMA 2023 – Ligia Lewis

PRISMA 2023 è un focus sulla coreografa e artista visiva Ligia Lewis in cui viene proposto l’attraversamento della sua opera multidisciplinare attraverso diverse azioni ed eventi durante questa edizione di Short Theatre

Anticipation of the Night

The transmission of knowledge as well as the relationship between aesthetics and performativity as political action are both at the centre of Anticipation of the


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] PRISM : Gisèle Vienne Inventory of Shimmers Gisèle Vienne in the city of Rome PRISM is among the new paths Short Theatre explores in


RECIPROCITY is an experiment with new models of mutuality and intersectionality that spans relationships, origins and expertises through dimensional playfulness, physical exchange, narrative crossroads. It’s