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Alessandra Di Lernia

Speranza contro Speranza_Primo Ossame

8 September | h 9:30 pm
La Pelanda – Teatro 2
1h 10′


A woman during a long convalescence, a friend constantly at her side, occasional visits. The two women are viewed in the same place, which could be a hospital room. It may be during the same day or over many different days. If the place is a hospital, you should know how to pray. If time is the Western Now, we should be able to believe. Two existences, two women, two friends confronting & communicating with one another. While internal time promotes hope, external time – be it a circumstance, an incident, a dead political-ethical space imposes despair. Paul of Tarsus recalled Abraham’s unshakable spirit to the Romans, one which “had faith, hoping against all hope”; Giorgio Agamben affirmed his belief that thought is the courage of despair. From this range of inspirations an attempt is made is to relate a human comedy, one which alternates emotional despair with a hysterical atmosphere and interludes of pure farce.

A Dramatist and interpreter, Alessandra Di Lernia has long examined questions of representation of the other and self-representation in Islam. Her theatrical texts contain the legacy of those historical studies, together with the embers of political activism. In 2016 her triptych Attraverso un inverno (Through a winter) was part of the Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe project. Qui giacciono le ossa rotte di (Here lie the broken bones of) was conceived for the Studio Europèen d’Ecritures pour le théâtre at the Chartreuse CNES (National Playwriting Centre).
She was a co-founder of, and performer and author with, the Clinica Mammut company (2012-2015), to which she entrusted some unpublished writings (col tempo, L’anticamera, del sordo rumore delle dita – with time, The Antechamber, of the dull noise of fingers).
2019 saw her engaged as a performer in the autumn debut of Il Gabbiano (The Seagull) directed by Licia Lanera.


script and Director Alessandra Di Lernia
with Costanza Cosi, Alessandra Di Lernia, Ferruccio Ferrante, Niccolò Fettarappa Sandri, Gabriele Linari
head of Sound and Photography Costanza Cosi
production Design by Alessia Nardi and Pietro Zucca
lighting Design Martin Emanuel Palma
producers Accademia degli Artefatti
a co-production by Short Theatre with Panorama Roma.