Saturday 12 | 4:00 – 7:30 pm
La Pelanda – Teatro 2
open studio

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Panorama Roma: Alessandra Di Lernia

Due Parole su Ulla

Alessandra Di Lernia is a playwright and actor, she has done research in islamic studies. She has written five plays: col tempo, L’anticamera, del sordo rumore delle dita, Attraverso un inverno, and Speranza contro speranza, the latter on preview at the 2019 edition of Short Theatre. She is currently on tour with The Seagull, directed by LiciaLanera.

For Panorama Roma, this year she works on Eeva Turunen‘s Due Parole su Ulla (Muutama sana Ullasta), opening the doors of their creative yard to the public.

Muutama sana Ullasta

Having incarcerated herself in her apartment, a young woman gradually loses her grip on reality.  Her friendship with a fellow student and neighbor by the name of Ulla soon acquires hints of obsession.  Beneath the minutiae of daily life, the author paints a universally applicable portrait of the yearning for love and affection, of suppressed ambitions and turbulent dreams.

Eeva Turunen burst onto the Finnish theatrical scene in 2014 with her debut monologue Muutama sana Ullasta.  An intense and subtly humorous study of obsessive compulsive behavior, the play was an immediate success and gained first prize at the National Monologue Festival in 2015. Turunen was trained as an architect and is a drummer in the band Blondit Amazoonit.  As an author, she displays accuracy for psychological detail without the fetters of realism, confidently exploiting a wide range of linguistic expression. Turunen’s first novel Ms U Reminisces about Her So-called Relationship History received Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize as the best debut of the year.

text analysis, mise-en-espace Alessandra Di Lernia
with Alessandra Di Lernia
artistic collaboration ed images processing Costanza Cosi
italian translation Delfina Sessa
project carried out within Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, and co-financed by the European Union
production PAV, Short Theatre / Area06