6 - 18 September | From the dusk

Andrea Lo Giudice


A + G is a site specific project by Andrea Lo Giudice which includes ephemeral interventions on historic buildings from the Fascist era in the city of Rome. Short Theatre 2022 welcomes its first phase, inviting the artist to transform the facade of WEGIL, formerly the Littorio Italian Youth House, one of the main festival venues in the last four years. Thanks to the application of natural phosphorescent pigments, previously protected by a cyclododecane film, some letters of the fascist inscriptions will undergo a process of poetic resemantization. The fascist rhetoric – of authoritarianism and warmongering – will be overwhelmed and opposed. In the dark, the phosphorescent pigment will release accumulated daylight and new phrases will emerge from the various inscriptions engraved in the marble. This intervention will be visible for a limited time, depending on atmospheric agents until its natural deterioration. Emulating the magical process of writing a wish then setting light to it in the hope that it will come true, at dusk a hidden dream will reveal itself in the architecture.


Andrea Lo Giudice is a visual artist with a degree in Painting, Sculpture and New Technologies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma; he is co-founder of the artist-run space Porto Simpatica and of the Collettivo Fuochi Allegri, an independent multidisciplinary group aimed at organising itinerant parties. His research focuses on the semantic redetermination of places and words. Through tools such as drawing, installation and performative action, he re-contextualizes the environment into which he intervenes, providing new poetic visions where the Subject blurs its boundaries to merge with the Other and the surrounding space.

site specific project: phosphorescent pigments, cellulose pulp and cyclododecane film (variable dimensions).
The series is produced in collaboration with restorer Michela Gottardo e Francesca Gottardo

Thanks to Lucia Bianco