Annamaria Ajmone – Alberto Ricca_Bienoise

To be banned from Rome

10€; 7€ (under 30 – over 60)


15th September | 7:30 pm
La Pelanda – Teatro 1

Born from a dialogue between choreographer Annamaria Ajmone and musician Alberto Ricca\Bienoise, TO BE BANNED FROM ROME investigates the web’s virtual spaces, inhabited by people that share the same passions and obsessions. The subject of this investigation is the ambivalent effect that the web exerts over people that use it as an instrument to build a clique of ideal contacts around them.
While Alberto‘s music rebuilds the state of attentive hypnosis experienced scrolling down a page on a screen and generates a ceaseless yet dense flux of informations, Annamaria constantly transforms the space around her and the volume of her body, through movement, Giulia Pastore’s light design and Jules Goldsmith’s spaces and costumes. Physical and ideal geographies are distorted, bodies are warped, our reality is changed.

Annamaria Ajmone is a dancer and choreographer. Graduated in Italian Letterature, she studied dancing at Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, Milano. Herworks are presented in contemporary dance and theatre festivals, museums, art gallery and in venus not originally meant for performance in Italy, Europe, Asia, Africa and Usa. She won the prize “Best young Italian Performer 2015”. She is one of the organizers of Nobody’s Business – Italy.

Alberto Ricca is a teacher, co-founder of the improvisation label Floating Forest, and electronic musician balanced between contemplation and clubbing, among the artists of Club To Club’s The Italian New Wave.He’s the author of the celebrated ‘Meanwhile, Tomorrow’ and ‘Sharawadji III’, and in 2014 he’s been the italian participant to the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo.He’s not a dj.

Concept Annamaria Ajmone and Alberto Ricca
Choreography and dance Annamaria Ajmone
Live music Bienoise (Alberto Ricca)
Set and costumes Jules Goldsmith
Lights and technicaldirection Giulia Pastore
Production Torinodanza festival, Cab 008, Club To Club Festival
In collaboration with The Italian New Wave
A project made in the context of Residenze Coreografche Lavanderia a Vapore / Piemonte dal Vivo
Selected by Hangar Creatività – Progetto promosso dall’Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Piemonte
with the support of Regione Toscana e MiBACT
Thanks to Alberto Leoni – IUTER