15 September | 7 pm
WEGIL – Scalinata
book presentation


Antonia Anna Ferrante

Cosa può un compost. Fare con le ecologie femministe e queer

Compost is a radically alternative model of knowledge and coexistence within ecologies of disruption, in which species have interactions that are not based on harmony or conquest. Compost ferments on the fringes where feminism and queer meet political ecologies, on ground humidified by theory, practice and activism.
One enters compost without the melancholy of identity, accepting to become something else, transforming one’s individuality and transforming the whole. It becomes an assemblage in which single and multicellular bodies cooperate, negotiate, parasitize each other, constantly changing their composition and what surrounds them, to the point of making it impossible to differentiate the elements.

The scholar and activist Antonia Anna Ferrante – in dialogue with Ilenia Caleo – retraces the fermentations that animated the book Cosa può un compost. Fare con le ecologie femministe e queer, published by Sossella Editions.

Antonia Anna Ferrante is a queer transfeminist terrona activist and scholar. As a senior researcher in the ERC The BOS project at the Spiral Research Centre (University of Liège, Belgium) she works with feminist, queer, postcolonial epistemologies, critical animal studies and other imaginaries. As postdoc in University IUAV of Venice, she developed a project on the theoretical and technological composting of queer, performance and political ecologies practices and theories. She is also the Italian translator of Cruising Utopia by José Esteban Muñoz and has co-curated the Italian edition of Making Kin Not Population by Adele Clarke and Donna Haraway. She is also the author of Pelle Queer Maschere Straight. Il regime di visibilità omonormativo oltre la televisione (Mimesis, 2019); of Cosa può un compost. Fare con le ecologie femministe e queer (Sossella Editore, 2022) and co-editor of Femminismi Futuri. Teorie Poetiche Fabulazioni (Iacobelli, 2019) and Trame. Pratiche e saperi per un’ecologia politica situata (Tamu, 2021).

In collaboration with Master in Studi e Politiche di Genere di Roma Tre in the frame of Anticipation of the Night, daily space of Short Theatre 2022 dedicated to discursivity.