Babilonia Teatri


10€; 7€ (under30 – over60)


7th September| 7:00 pm
8th September | 9:30 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 2

in Italian with subtitles in English

Calcinculo is a play in which music and theatre contaminate each other and dialogue with each other ceaselessly, dizzyingly, where words take the form of music and music takes the form of words. We live in an obsessive time which words and image can no longer describe by themselves – music arrives like a medicine or the fuse to an explosive. We wear diapers so as not to interrupt planetary matches against adversaries thousands of miles away from us that were elected by a satellite as friends or enemies. We raise hyper-realistic dolls that don’t cry and never wake at night, but have the features of real children. We have stopped going to vote, but we ask for the rights of our dogs, cats, canaries and turtles and hamsters and rabbits and guinea pigs and gold fish. We have decided that it is archaic to express an opinion within a collective regarding our given area of expertise, but we’ll comment on any news we see thrown up on a screen. Calcinculo is a play that wants to take a snapshot of today. Its perversions and its escapes from itself. Its incapacity to imagine a future, to dream it, to tend towards an ideal, to believe. With this play, Babilonia Teatri wish to talk about the world around us with our sharpest glances, with irony.

Babilonia Teatri is a formation which stepped decisively into the world of contemporary theatre, standing out for its multiple-voiced language, often defined as pop, rock, punk. The founders of the group, Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raimondi, compose strutting plays, sorts of litanies sculpted out of the contradictions of today, brought on stage with a rebel’s attitude. They have explored various corners of provincial life, crystallising it as a microcosm of universal pain, to be taken on with sacrilegious courage, touching the open nerves of our times. Courage that was worth a Leone d’Argento at the last Biennale of Venice. Babilonia Teatri is known for its irreverent and divergent views of today.

By and with Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raimondi
Music Lorenzo Scuda
Stage manager Luca Scotton
Production Babilonia Teatri, La Piccionaia centro di produzione teatrale
Co-production Operaestate Festival Veneto
Scene Babilonia Teatri
thanks to il Coro Ana Valli Grandi and Cuore Husky rescue