Bad Peace _ Verso il mattino

Verso il mattino / Laughing at the Sunrise


Project in Residence
from 6th to 15th September | 7 pm – 10 pm
La Pelanda

In the space outside La Pelanda, open to all and for the full duration of the festival, there will be the official radio broadcasting area of the festival, including live concerts, selected music of singer/songwriters, meetings, chats, lectures and screenings.

there is no peace outside. have it here, be peace. Be vibrations. Create tiny critical masses of ineffable, useless, impalpable energy. Launch little stories into the air, don’t wait for them to land, move, always, crash languidly: the final appeal.

What follows, if anything follows, this beginning?

We stopped we met
We stretched out we took it easy we felt comfortable
We said things created sounds, partied
We looked at each other we asked ourselves
We met again we hugged
We spent the darkest night dancing together…now it’s almost morning,
Which will come with its light –
But not yet.


The rhythm of Bad Peace follows soft trajectories. Around the communicated events (some of which already have scheduled time), there will be a series of meetings and passages in progress. Everyone is invited to contribute.


Effetto Guerra Effetto Serra. Intervenes Grammenos Mastrojeni from the Bangkok Climate Change Conference 2018 negotiating pre-session
intervention of Posidonia Green Festival with Edoardo Brodasca
sound selection edited by Matuta Mater ‘Ktive
19.30 | ANDRECO Tales from the Climate Change Regime Era with Rosa Ciacci | conversation


Beat! selections with discs by Luzy L | Beat Italiano – Messa Beat – French Beat – Freak Beat
poetical intervention by Carlo Silvestro
20.30 | I figli dello stupore by Francesco Tabarelli | Film | 55′ (inside Little Fun Palace) 


Tropicantesimo in direct


summer permanence and resistance at Short Theatre | music selection
20.00 | Conversazioni sul possibile, il probabile, l’imprevedibile with Franco Berardi Bifo
23.00 | Bob Corn Love turns around | concert


Achille Di Giovanni Mito, Immaginazione e Letteratura  | conversation
Trapcoustic Shell | concert
Bob & Gloria Nightclub Minimalism | concert
music selection by Leo Non


Poetic Militancy through the Multiverse with Agenzia di Viaggi Interplanetaria
Jonida Prifti  Rivestrane | intervento poetico
music selection edited by Maroots & Kybbe
19.30 |
 DOM-L’adorazione e la lotta, conversazioni intorno ai termini Antropocene e Capitalocene | conversation


Poetic Militancy through the Multiverse with Agenzia di Viaggi Interplanetaria
music selection edited by Manu Macron e Gabriel Le Pen
NONE Collective presents Simposio – Conversazioni Umane in connection with Chiara Giuliani
19.30 | NERO presents: Not | with: Lorenzo Gigotti, Valerio Mannucci, Valerio Mattioli, Corrado Melluso


23.00 | RINUNCIA A SATANA | live and dj set


Agenzia di Viaggi Interplanetaria in Spazio Profondo. Postcards and tales from the Cosmos by Tab_ularasa
sound intervention by Grip Casino


conversations and music selection with Katia Viscogliosi and Francis Magnenot
20.00 | CONTRE-FICTION presents Cinéma Fragile – projections inside Little Fun Palace
22.00 | Donato Epiro PANMISSIA | first study | concert

Bad Peace is a bed and a radio, from the bed comes sounds and voices. Bad Peace is a moratorium. An imaginary moratorium and of use, an existential resistance, an esoteric struggle.

The community of Bad Peace, in residence since 2016 at Short Theatre seeks and attempts to map out new broken possibilities for comprehension and resistance, to continue to move, in this fragile and obscured present.

like fireflies:

you are invited in the bed of Bad Peace.


Bad Peace collaborates with : Fanfulla5a, None collective, Rosa Ciacci, Livia Tesla, Agenzia di Viaggi Interplanetaria, Punx23, Martina Ruggeri, Lola Kola, Federika Fumarola, Cartastraccia, Roerso Mondo Ass. Cult

photo Valentina Pascarella