Bad Peace _ Rinuncia a Satana

Rinuncia a Satana


13th September | 11 pm
La Pelanda – Outdoor Area
Live and dj-set

Besides the daily schedule of events of Verso il Mattino, one of the Projects in Residence of Short Theatre 2018, Bad Peace is organising the entire evening of Thursday the 13th with performances, concerts and DJ sets – Refusal of Satan.



May God destroy you to your very roots, cursed demon, dragging you out of your house and erasing you from the reign of the living.

In residence, since 2016, at Short Theatre, Bad Peace is a well-known creative community of existential militancy and esoteric resistance, conceived and promoted by the members and associates of Fanfulla 5a. It is a workshop about possibilities.

Since 2006, the Fanfulla has been the new music club of Rome. With three-hundred national and international concerts annually, it is the physical hub around which the groups of Romaest were born and raised

You are welcome in the beds of Bad Peace.


In evil places, in sacred, creates and preserves,
destroys and releases,
and woe to us if, blinded by illusions,
we detach ourselves from the dancing cosmos,
this universal harmony


EXIT through the Black Hole


DUBAIS / Nadia BUYSE (Portland):

Dubais is an Arabfuturist multimedia music project by Nadia Buyse, visual artist, cultural activist and musician.


CACAO (Ravenna):

Mindscapes / onanistic plasure.the meaning of pain / minimal tech / kraut / bass & guitar analogic dreams.


DELACAVE (Gloomy Wave / Francia)


Dj set edited by TOM RECK (France): No No-wave – Post-Punk – Tropical Trash.