Bogdan Georgescu

13th September | 7:30 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 1

outcome of the residency
in the frame of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
in Italian, Romanian and English

HIC SUNT LEONESSE – Ambra Angiolini, Raffaella Carrà, Amanda Lear, Iva Zanicchi, Heather Parisi – the legendary figures of the Italian television in the 90’s. Hic sunt Leonesse is an Active Art queer feminist performance. During the 90’s, in Romania, the most watched foreign TV channels were the Italian ones. Together with a group of Romanian women living in Italy, we’ll create a biographical retrospective on the imagined Italy, as it was delivered through TV shows by the feminine icons of that time and the realities discovered once their dreamed new life started in the peninsula. We will explore perspectives regarding women, macho-ism, queerness, work, depression etc. influenced by Italian television.

Born in 1984 in Romania, after studying theatre at the University of Arts of Bucarest, Bogdan Georgescu specialised in screenplay and documentaries. He is now based in Berlin. Georgescu’s instruments: playwriting, documentary and community theatre, teaching, video composing, producing. He collaborates with Hebbel am Ufer HAU Theatre in Berlin, Germany, The National Theatre of Sibiu, Romania and his work is presented in national and international festivals. His performances include: Antisocial, Because you’re Worth It, #minor, MAL/PRAXIS, Romania! Kiss me, I am special, XXXCartoons, D.W.–3D text, Everything is realities. Youtube channel: bo2gdan.

text and mise en espace Bogdan Georgescu
artistic support Martina Ruggeri, Erika Z. Galli (Industria Indipendente)
photo credits Adi Bulboacă