September 6 – 11 | La Pelanda

CHEAP street poster art


CHEAP street poster art is a public art project, a collective, a non-objective gaze. Born in Bologna in 2013 from the creative chemistry and determination of six women, CHEAP curates and creates paper-based public art interventions: paste up, that is the use of simple paper and glue, is both an investigation of technique as well as a statement of intent in terms of being dedicated to the ephemeral, to researching our temporal contemporary world.

CHEAP started off doing a street poster art festival, and this was repeated for five editions before a change of format into becoming a permanent workshop which led to a change toward more fluid, situationist and biting experiences.

CHEAP reclaims public space and does so by overrunning walls with posters, redefining new contemporary visual languages, generating unexpected dialogues with those who cross and inhabit the urban environment. Where the city creates conflict based on gender, class and race, CHEAP practices a form of symbolic conflict by making public art (also) a place of struggle.

For Short Theatre 2021 CHEAP will transform the canopy of the Pelanda,  – one of the spaces in the External Area dedicated to being together, to food and fun – into a pulpit from which one reclaims desires, aspirations and collective needs: RECLAIM YOUR FUTURE is an installation consisting of different artist-made banners, with which we can fight to get back what has been taken away from us or rendered impossible for us. This will create a space dedicated to sharing, to the things that were ours based on a right or a desire, and one where all of this will be reflected in the glittering of gold.



RECLAIM YOUR FUTURE curated by CHEAP street poster art
with the support of Angie Russo, BBraio, Carol, Giorgia Lancellotti, Infinite, LaCatrina, Laura Berdusco, Noe Gamma, Pamela Rotondi, Pride Off, Rita Colosimo, Valeria Quadri