10€ - 7€ (under 30 - over 60)

Claudia Castellucci

All'inizio della città di Roma

14 September | h 7 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 2
1 h

This choreography explores the start of one of Europe’s most vast civilisations – that of Rome. Emphasis is placed on the dawn of a way of living that was forced to invent its own approach through organising a concept of cohabitation of the many rather than on successive territorial conquests. This is exposed in choreographic terms here – in terms of movement, direction and attitudes, the necessity of regulating human behaviour to orient it towards its own tutelage, as well as the recognition of crimes and of sanctions. The essential decisions that bore certain motors of social reaction, especially those that regard the initial forms of communal living, are retraced through the rhythmic and schematic shifts of a choreography which is best referred to as merely dance for the folkloristic feel of collective movement itself in this context. Rome gave its name to the first forms of law and the rules of Roman law are the first point of reference to the gathering of attitudes that we have picked up over time and which also comprise the legal part of affections as well. The primitive experiences that are at the basis of those legal abstractions, also make up human individuals – the instinct to survive, the sense of property, the concept of justice, the rationality of solidarity, judgement and, not lastly, the relationship of these laws with time, always there, in all its weighty relevance.

Claudia Castellucci is the co-founder, along with Romeo Castellucci as well as with Chiara and Paolo Guidi of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (today Societas), a theatre company which, since the Eighties, has been an international force because of its radical reinvention of theatrical language. Prevalently dedicated to writing and education, she created various scholastic experiences. Since, 2015, she has followed through on her original idea of a school conceived as a work of art with Mòra. In 2012, she composed and acted in the monologue The Deep Kingdom, a long confession divided into two parts – The Life of Lives and The Dialogue of the Slaves, to which she added, in 2017, Why Are You Here? which was staged with Chiara Guidi. Her publications include Uovo di Bocca [Egg of the Mouth]. Scritti Lirici e Drammatici (Bollati Boringhieri, 2000) [Lyric and Dramatic Writings] and Setta [Sect]. Scuola di Tecnica Drammatica (Quodlibet, 2014) [School of Dramatic Technique].


dance of Compagnia Mòra
choreography Claudia Castellucci
music composition Stefano Bartolini
dancers Sissj Bassani, Silvia Ciancimino, Guillermo De Cabanyes, Benedetta Gianfanti, René Ramos, Pier Paolo Zimmermann
production direction Benedetta Briglia
organization Camilla Rizzi
production Socìetas