Dj Mistrece


6th September | 00:30 am
La Pelanda – Outdoor Area
DJ Set

Dj Mistrece: a superheroine of albanian ganza music

Dj Mistrece is the alias of Jonida Prifti, an artist born in Berat, Albania, and based in Rome since 2001. As a child, she loved to create casette compilations. Now she mixes in original hip hop, dance, electronic, pop and techno, while also blending traditional Albanian song. Her original DJ sets have soundtracked spaces including Cafe Futuro (Berlin), Qube (Rome), Gender (Rome), Fanfulla 5/a (Rome) and many others.

Jonida is also a poet, performer, DJ, actress and translator from Albanian to Italian and viceversa. She works with various Italian and foreign companies. Her work is focused on a mix between her mother-tongue (Albanian) and Italian, integrating the lexical-graphic-visual differences of the two languages. The same approach is present in her sonic poem “Acchiappashpirt” created with musician Stefano Di Trapani in 2008,  where an attempt is made at creating a third language through the linguistic linking of Italian and Albanian. She has published, among others, the essay “Patrizia Vicinelli. La Poesia e l’Azione” (Onyx 2014), “Non Voglio Partorire un Corpo di Plastica” (Alfabeta2, 2011), “Rivestrane” (poem, Selva Ed. 2017), “Flutura” (cassette, My Dance the Skull, UK 2015), “Strangerivers” (CD, Filibusta Rec.), “G e n e r a t A” (Upitup Rec., UK, 2018). Some of her works can be found in the anthology of “Poeti Laziali e Romani” (Trivio, 2017), “Paesaggio 013” (Caratteri Mobili 2013), and “La Poesia: Luogo delle Differenze” (Marcus Edizioni 2012) etc.