L'uomo che cammina


from 6th to 9th and from 12th to 15th Septmeber | 4:00 pm
Other Spaces

Max. 15 participants
Free entrance with reservation required at:
in program also 31th august and 1th September in the framework of Summer Tales 2018 – Estate Romana

A man walks through the city. Crossing a variety of spaces that follow, one after another, in an uninterrupted “long take” – a station, a cavern, a fallow field, a public pool, a shopping centre, an abandoned factory, an amusement park, a night club, a garden, an overpass, a river-bed, a housing project, a town square – which create an almost other-worldly triptych. During this hike, a fragment of life stretches out – a summer afternoon with its suspended gait, the figure of a man taciturn and evasive, fallen into a game of apparitions and disjointed narratives. During his journey, the landscape opens up and reveals itself to the public who follow him at a distance, spying on him, between identification and detachment. Starting with the graphic novel L’uomo che Cammina by Jiro Taniguchi, DOM- creates a dramaturgy of spaces in which to explore the confines between urban and abandoned landscapes – entering ever more deeply into the substance of places, the live experience of walking becomes a pretext for a establishing a full contact with the real.

DOM- is an artistic project born out of the collaboration between artists Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna, which investigates the relationship between the body and the landscape, and is committed to spreading peculiar practices of living, in particular, related to the body, space and the time involved in artistic creation. DOM- creates performance events, writings, seminars, walks, installations, videos and photographic reportage.

idea and space dramaturgy edited by DOM-
direction Leonardo Delogu, Valerio Sirna
production PAV within the program of Estate Romana 2018
with the support of Short Theatre, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria
with Mario Damico, Marta Oli
with the collaboration of Franca Vannini and Comitato Foce Tevere
organization Francesca Agabiti
freely inspired by the graphic novel by Jiro Taniguchi – L’uomo che cammina
photografical documentation Claudia Pajewski
video documentation Giulio Boato, Lorenzo Danesin
technical sponsor Kublai