École des Maîtres

Pericolo Felice


5th September | 8:00 pm
Teatro India – Sala B

Final show of École des Maîtres 2018
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L’École des Maîtres is an educational project, but it has a heart that beats exactly like the heart of the creative process of a play. Tiago Rodrigues meets 16 young actors from Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal and, together with them, creates a new theatrical work, touring it in these countries. The most delicious problem of this meeting is that everyone speaks a different language: languages from their countries of origin but also other languages, such as those from their immigrant ancestors, the dialect of the region in which they live or the language they learned in school or while travelling. A meeting of different cultures, where everyday there is a battle with the “happy danger” of translating. Dangerous because of the risk of not understanding one another, but happy because of the new forms invented to understand one another.

L’École des Maîtres is an advanced theatrical education project created by Franco Quadri in 1990 and is in its XXVI Edition this year. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is an international high-level theatre course, itinerant and open to European artists between the ages of 24 and 34 years of age. Currently, it receives support from a network of partners from four countries – Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal. The formative objective of L’École des Maîtres is to create relationships between young actors, already trained in the theatre academies and theatre schools of Europe and already working as professionals, and renowned directors on the international scene, to give life to a working experience rich in an exchange of methods and practices regarding the theatre, starting with differing texts, languages and artistic languages.

International itinerant course of theatrical improvement
directed by Tiago Rodrigues
on the scene student actors Elsa Agnes, Diego Bagagal, Nicola Borghesi, João Cravo Cardoso, Adrien Desbons, Victoire Du Bois, Valentino Mannias, Deborah Marchal, Aleksandros Memetaj, Ilyas Mettioui, Diana Narciso, Camille Pellicier, Paola Senatore, Marie-Charlotte Siokos, Simon Terrenoire, Nádia Yracema
project partner and artistic direction  CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia), CREPA – Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation en Pédagogie Artistique (CFWB/Belgio), TAGV – Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (Portogallo), La Comédie de Reims – Centre Dramatique National, Comédie de Caen – Centre Dramatique National de Normandie (Francia)
with the support of MiBACT – Direzione Generale Spettacolo dal vivo, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia – Direzione centrale cultura, sport e solidarietà (Italia)