Emanuela Serra

Just before the forest 

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8th September | 7 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 1
Dance, Performance

In 2017 Emanuela Serra and Alessandro Pallecchi created Just Before the Forest, a collaboration which also involves the territorial participation of the SPRAR Centres (Sistema di Protezione per Richiedenti Asilo e Rifugiati – System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees).
Aesthetically inspired by the comic books of GIPI and dramaturgically by the text by Bernard-Marie Koltès, The Night Just Before the Forest: Just Before the Forest is a work about solitude, an attempt at orientation, at being found. A physical monologue to get back up out of the mud and look for someone to whom you can tell who you are. The music, created live by Alessandro Pallecchi, is a wall of sound that narrates, actively, accompanies the text and, sometimes, suffocates it, covers it, like a siren or a dog barking too loudly.

Emanuela Serra, and the guys involved in the project are the characters in this story that begins after a fight in an unknown city. One of them has the role of a sort of minstrel – he sings in English and speaks in his dialect. The texts are his, born out of common reflections on how it feels to no longer belong to a place. They are strangers that come into contact throughout the play. The work with the body is dictated by the urgency to find one another, like in the work by Koltès, the characters see each other under a pouring rain and begin to follow each other, because they feel like they know each other, they feel similar and they need to touch, to grab each other. The text is a poetry slam in a mix of English and Italian, a comprehensible and rhythmic slang.

In the end, it happens, the meeting.

Emanuela Serra was born in Turin in 1980. She was always interested in theatre as well as dance and her education was based on studying physical theatre. She is one of the founders of the physical theatre company Balletto Civile and, since 2003, she has managed both the artistic activity as well as the educational activity of the company. In 2010, Balletto Civile took on the triennial project of higher education at the Teatro Due in Parma, where she is a regular instructor. From these three years of study, three productions were born, which she performed in, directed and choreographed: Il Sacro della Primavera, which, in 2011, took second place for the Premio Roma Danza in choreography, Woyzeck /Dug Out of the Void, Paradise/Freely based on the The Trojan Women by Euripides.
Through her years of study, she developed a particular interest in studying the organicity of the movement of bodies, regardless of technical preparation and with an eye towards contact between contemporary dance and other disciplines. In 2017, she won the grant Odio L’Estate through Carrozzerie n.o.t with her Project/Play Just Before the Forest.

Alessandro Pallecchi was born in Milan in 1989. Since 2013, he has been part of the physical theatre company Balletto Civile directed by Michela Lucenti, his choreographer and instructor. He has worked as an assistant at numerous workshops for dancers and professional actors.
In 2017, he created, along with Emanuela Serra, Just Before the Forest, for which he has developed the music, choreography and the installation element of the work. After this experience, he felt the necessity to explore the concept of “total” theatre which, starting with the work of relations between bodies, never gave up on that of vocal expression, rhythm and the sonic dramaturgy of the piece. In 2018, he began an artistic study with Chiara Taviani, Simone Previdi and Emanuela Serra around the project Vitalithium, which explores the creation of sonic dramaturgy performed live, as well as work on acting and choreography.

Conceived by Emanuela Serra, Alessandro Pallecchi
performed by Emanuela Serra, Alessandro Pallecchi +cast to be defined
sound design by Alessandro Pallecchi
installation/set Alessandro Pallecchi
created thanks to a production residence by Carrozzerie n.o.t, Balletto Civile, FuoriLuogo/ Fisiko, Associazione Mondo Nuovo Caritas “Progetto SPRAR”