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Encyclopédie de la Parole


13 September | h 7 pm
14 September | h 8:30 pm
La Pelanda – Teatro 2

national première
in Italian

L’Encyclopédie de la parole is an artistic project exploring the spoken word in all its forms by collecting and classifying recordings, transcription, recreation through performances. From this collection, including more than a thousand documents available for audio consultation on its website, Encyclopédie de la parole makes use of these recordings to produce sound art, performances,  conferences, concerts and installations. The project is led by a collective of poets, actors, ethnographers, curators, directors, and radio show producers.
Its motto is: “We are all experts in speaking.”

Jukebox is a solo piece designed for a single geographic space: a city, its inhabitants and the speeches they share.
Each iteration, composed in close collaboration with an actor or actress, a dramaturg and translator, and eight local researchers, aims on the one hand to share l’Encyclopédie de la parole’s methods and process and, on the other, to pinpoint the singular forms of speech borne by specific cultural and geographic contexts.
If I live in Roma, Prato, or Cagliari, what are the different forms of speech that pass through me on a given day? At home, school, work, in public transportation, on the phone, television, radio, on the internet, at the theater, cinema, on the street, at the market or gym…
By allowing spectators to choose which documents are performed and in what order, Jukebox aims to explore the ways in which a community represents itself.

After completing her staging and set design studies, Elise Simonet worked alongside various artists in the performing arts as an assistant, playwright, and artistic collaborator. She has been a member of l’encyclopédie de la parole since 2013, where she develops her research on oral forms of language and speech recordings in the performing arts.

Joris Lacoste has been a writer for the stage and radio and a performer. He created 9 lyriques pour actrice et caisse claire at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers in 2005, followed by Purgatoire at the Théâtre National de la Colline in 2007, which he also co-authored. He has started two collective projects, the W project with Jeanne Revel in 2004, which deals with questions of theatrical representation and notably produces seminars and performative games; and l’encyclopédie de la parole in 2007.


A project by Encyclopédie de la Parole
Artistic direction Elise Simonet
Direction Joris Lacoste
With Monica Demuru
Dramaturgy and coordination of the collection of audio documents Francesco Alberici
Collection of audio documents Francesco Alberici, Matteo Angius, Sophy Benar, Tommaso Carovani, Elisa Comparetti, Monica Demuru, Maddalena De Carolis, Riccardo Fazi, Lorenza Guerrini, Andrea Livi, Andrea Melis, Claudio Mura, Federico Paino, Elise Simonet, Veronica Tinnirello, Giorgia Vignola
Production Échelle 1:1, Short Theatre, Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale, Fondazione Teatro Metastasio/Contemporanea Festival, Sardegna Teatro/10 Nodi Festival
supported by Institut Français Roma, Institut Français Paris
Echelle 1:1  is subsidized by Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication /DRAC Ile-de-France and Conseil Régional d’Ile de France
Jukebox Roma is realized in collaboration with Francia in Scena, stagione artistica dell’Institut français Italia / Ambasciata di Francia in Italia
in the context of the network I.N. Italia