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Thursday 10 | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda | OHT / Little Fun Palace
musical selections

free entry subject to availability

Enrico Kybbe

Kybbe’s Bonus Beat

From Sardinia, but living in East Rome, passionately digging music with an open mind, Enrico Kybbe began to collect records in his early teen years, until he got out of control, hoarding a wide range of genres such as cosmic disco, junkshop glam, punk, afro disco, reggae, dub, etc. Rather than just collecting records, he breathes life into them in his DJ sets around Rome: from Proudfoot Sound and Rootsvibes to his Cosmic70 afro/disco selection.

And giving new life to LPs is what Kybbe wants to do, beyond genres and categories, looking for that groove and that atmosphere which can reflect the melting pot of listenings that defines him.

Notes on Short Theatre 2020


How would you describe your music?
Audio transcription:

I would rather not describe my music because I realized that often the description itself can be limiting. With several friends I spend evenings selecting specific genres, and it is very interesting because it allows you to deeply dissect a certain sound and therefore a particular (sub) culture, but I promised myself to give more space to my logical listening path and to propose it in the next sets without gender boundaries. If I had to describe it, I would say it is the soundtrack of my life.

Who or what—real or imaginary, present, past or future—do you think contributed to the creation of this work?
Is there any object/trace you own that can make this clear?

I start by saying that I have difficulty in defining my passion for music as “work”. Apart from this, what has contributed in the past and still has its influence is the environment, the scenario in which I have acted and act in daily life.
The neighbourhood where I live, Torpignattara, is a meeting place for cultures, energies and people. The same clubs in the area are a mixture of sound and humanity. It all lies in being able to prepare oneself for listening and welcoming which, then turning into experience, will also come to life in the sound.

What do you imagine you will say about your work in fifteen years? Would you ever have imagined making such work fifteen years ago?

I started playing music exactly fifteen years ago, just for fun. It was so much fun that I always wanted to continue playing. I never imagined that I would get close to certain genres of music or just enjoy them. I don’t know in fifteen years what will I say about my past. Maybe nothing, or just a few things. I don’t like nostalgia, I find it self-referential and boring. I hope to remain a curious person instead, curiosity is passion.