Thursday 10 | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda | OHT / Little Fun Palace
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free entry subject to availability

Enrico Kybbe

Kybbe’s Bonus Beat

From Sardinia, but living in East Rome, passionately digging music with an open mind, Enrico Kybbe began to collect records in his early teen years, until he got out of control, hoarding a wide range of genres such as cosmic disco, junkshop glam, punk, afro disco, reggae, dub, etc. Rather than just collecting records, he breathes life into them in his DJ sets around Rome: from Proudfoot Sound and Rootsvibes to his Cosmic70 afro/disco selection.

And giving new life to LPs is what Kybbe wants to do, beyond genres and categories, looking for that groove and that atmosphere which can reflect the melting pot of listenings that defines him.