Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin

Pleasure Body


13th and 14th September | 2 pm – 6 pm
Teatro India

workshop in Italian and in English

The workshop is dedicated to the celebration of femme, queer, trans, non-binary, ethnically ambiguous, resilient and militant bodies. I am focusing on creating exclusive spaces and practices for marginalized folks by creating temporary communities in which we discuss and practice alliance, body-positivity, consent and self-love. Through a series of practices aimed at generating experience of pleasure as a training for empowerment, Pleasure Body is an invitation to define this experience through the language of resistance, to propose a comeback against patriarchal, white, cis-het traumas.

– the workshop doesn’t require any specific knowledge in the practices of dance and performance;
– there is no age limit to participate in the workshop;
– photos and filming are not allowed;
– any sexist, racist, ableist, homo/transphobic and body shaming behaviour or comments will not be tolerated;
– the workshop is in Italian and English and has a limited capacity – booking is required

To book please send an email to by 24th August.

Giorgia is a queer femme-identifying Italian-Armenian half-breed that practices in the fields of dance and performing arts. With a background in classical studies and a BA in Movement Studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, she makes solo and group works for theaters, galleries and museum spaces. Giorgia‘s work starts from the political and emotional necessity to bring the queer/femme body in the foreground. All dressed up with nowhere to go is #1 on the top 20 list for the Aerowaves Network 2015.She is the first italian artist to be awarded the eight month residency at K3 – Zentrum fur Choreographie Hamburg (Kampnagel). The artist’s research is built of a collection of practices that focus on experiencing pleasure as a training to strength by proposing to identify the feeling of pleasure as an act of resistance. Alongside her choreographic work, she is an associate lecturer in contemporary dance at Balletto di Roma, where she periodically gives training in release technique and choreographic composition. Giorgia takes part in numerous european projects.

Created by Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin
Promotion and distribution Giulia Messia