September 9 | 7:00 pm + 10:15 pm
La Pelanda – Teatro 1

€10 / €7 concession (+ €2 presale fee)

Giuseppe Vincent Giampino


Now based in Rome, Giuseppe Vincent Giampino is a performer trained in Italy and Holland. He explores the loss of perspectival centrality of the post-human subject via a language he defines as  “choreographic poverty”.

The performance space of  ff_fortissimo finds two bodies communicating with one another through being in harmony with Lady Maru‘s techno music: a constant transmission of sensitive, sensual and erotic information, one that connects the figures despite them never being completely released from their immediate physical representation. The sound produced by the friction of the bodies on the surfaces creates a space for interaction between those two elements. 

ff_ is a light, mobile space in which all the elements present participate independently
ff_ is a sign that appears and disappears, which makes itself present as it recedes
ff_ is an object that favours horizontality as much as vacant verticality
ff_ is a look through the opaque luminescence of a surface

The bodies resonate with each other along the rhythmic structures of the music, in the folds of the sound produced by the objects: the viewer-listener is questioned on the tactile level. The body is no longer a means at the service of a language, but it is the language that constitutes itself as a body.​​



concept and choreography Giuseppe Vincent Giampino
with Riccardo Guratti, Giuseppe Vincent Giampino
sound dimension Lady Maru
costume design Rebecca Ihle
lighting Omar Scala
outside-eye Marco Mazzoni
a TIR Danza production
with the support of Teatri di Vetro, Prender-si cura – Mattatoio di Roma, Kinkaleri Spazio K, the India residences at Teatro India-Teatro di Roma and of Anticorpi – the Network of Festivals, Reviews and Residences around Emilia-Romagna in the context of supportER action