September 4 | 10:00 pm
WEGIL – Piazzetta

following Playgirls from Caracas dj set

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Ivo Dimchev // Playgirls from Caracas dj set


An irreverent and chameleon-like queer artist, Ivo Dimchev is one of the most incisive names on the international performance scene, capable of skilfully moving between registers and surprising the viewer with light and self-deprecating strokes. A Bulgarian choreographer, performer and activist, in recent years he has begun to explore the universe of sound, making musical research the core of his practice. His albums Songs from My Shows and Sculptures build the basic repertoire for solo concerts with a strong performative vibe.

Since I started writing songs, I have been in contact with a completely different audience. I get letters from parents telling me that they play my songs for their children to put them to sleep. It amazes me, because I usually feel the opposite, which is that they have to protect their children from me.

HALAL is a vocal performance for Short Theatre that brings the dark poetry of his lyrics to the fore and ensures a terrifying and moving experience. His stage presence, oscillating between rock star and “prima donna”, acts as a counterpoint to an intensely emotional voice, a vector of layered moods that balance flashes of light and darkness.



11:00 pm | Playgirls from Caracas | sonorisation

The Playgirls from Caracas project was conceived in Lecce in 2007. The Playgirls are queer archaeologists who search for music composed by women, selecting trash, pop, singer-songwriters, electroclash, punk, rrriot, synth pop and much more. An exciting mix blended with provocative videos as well as with maracas, güiro and percussions. They tour Italy with their music selections, create various remixes and have recently released their first single Lick Down for the Milanese label FLUIDOSTUDIO.



music and lyrics Ivo Dimchev
music production Georgy Linev, Sash & Blazh, Ivo Dimchev
production Humarts Foundation
management and distribution Something Great