preview SONICHE - Ladies of electronics


7th September | 9:45 pm
La Pelanda – Outdoor area
Live set

world premier

‘My grandma went blind before I was born. She knows who I am and she knows my voice better than I do. I believe the “Jing” in her mind is a deeper version of myself, and one I aim to keep on discovering.’ A pure creative, electronic  live performer, composer and writer, Taiwanese Jing considers herself a “presenter of sound”. Jing writes short stories and produces musical soundscapes to convey them – like a short film without the visuals, the opposite of a silent movie. Her latest project ’Adularescence’ has been released on 12″ via Steve Bicknell’s 6 dimensions on February 2018.
Jing aims to take the listener on an intense journey, challenging her audience by providing a unique environment without seeing it with their own eyes. If visuals are no longer present, can we hear a deeper story?

Soniche – Ladies of electronics,  is a desire, a project that wants to trace the stories of the invisible women protagonists of sound research, following their trajectories to date. Experimenters who have marked the history of music and work around sound. An important number of women musicians active in the field of electronic composition and multimedia disciplines aimed at music, whose names often remain in the shadow of a male presence that dominates the musical horizon. But it is also a matter of recent and contemporary history, because the research and the female sound experimentation is alive and productive. SONICHE‘s aim is to present the work of musicians who investigate the world of electronic sound in its various forms through a series of narrative moments and performance events; in two days of story tellings, conversations and live music, SONICHE has the ambition to create a bridge that redefines and dissolves borders and labels, giving space to the possibilities of sound and new modes of expression.