July 11 – 12
August 30 – September 13 | Urban spaces





Rome screams out to us and makes people scream back at it. As part of RECIPROCITY, the overall project bringing together all the participatory paths within Short Theatre, Kinkaleri let loose sonic vibrations that gestate within the body and erupt into the city, becoming tangible through the gaze. Since 1995 Kinkaleri have flitted between experimentation in choreography, performance, installation and sound in order to search for a language that is directly based on the evidence of objects that disposes to relationship.

Kinkaleri presents URLO_Roma. A simple gesture gathered in the streets of the city without rhetoric and without style is crystallised in the disruptive immobility of a photographic shot. The scream pervasively reoccupies the city in the form of a poster as a signal of recall during the days of Short Theatre 2021 thanks to the billposting in the urban territory of about 300 posters depicting screaming subjects. An acoustic image manifests itself to shorten the obligatory distances, to connect and embrace the city and its inhabitants.


Arturo Brogna, Benedetta Amici, Chiara Branca, Emiliano Argentero, Ermanno De Biagi, Ersilia Prosperi, Francesca Furno, Giovanni De Merullis Irene Maiorino, Kuriyama Cássia, Laura Ajello, Mara Crisci, Maral Kekejian Hernando, Marco Rossi Andrenacci, Margherita Musi, Matar Dia, Maziar Firouzi, Sara Riscica, Stefania Zuccotti, Toni Amengual

a project by Kinkaleri / Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco
URLO_Roma is a Short Theatre 2021′s production
in collaboration with Carrozzerie n.o.t, Reale Accademia di Spagna a Roma nell’ambito di RECIPROCITY