DANI/Palm Wine+Lady Maru


14th September | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda – Outdoor area

The Controra on Friday, September 14 will be nourished by the futuristic and post-global atmosphere introduced by NERO Magazine with an evening in which the DJs DANI and Palm Wine will switch on the console, followed by the lady of the Roman night, Lady Maru.

Lady Maru (Rome)

Lady Maru, started producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a tascam 4- track recorder. Since then, she has been playing in no wave post punk bands with electronic devices, 2 acts still touring and releasing music (Trouble vs Glue, Cascao& Lady Maru). Her sound has always varied between harder techno, deeper techno and underground house…loved especially for her 130 bpm and over dynamic techno and acid dj sets . She is resident at Amigdala and U-Kabarett party. Collaborates with La Roboterie. She has released and will release for labels such as Subwoofer Records, Gain records, Progrezo records.


PALM WINE (Milano)
Simone Bertuzzi (1983) is an artist and researcher. In 2003 he co-founded Invernomuto, an audiovisual research group with numerous national and international participations in the areas of visual arts and music. In 2009 he gave life to the blog Palm Wine, an opening to the movements of sounds and imaginaries in the post-global world, intoxicated by the vapors of alcohol. Palm Wine regularly plays as a DJ proposing warm border-crossing sounds.


DANI داني (Bruxelles)

Born in Italy from a Syrian–Lebanese family, DANI currently lives in Brussels, where he works as researcher and curator. He recently published on Mada Masr ‘Dance Under Cover a Fictional Rhythm’ an article on the form of a music album, investigating the use of Arab-futurism in contemporary art.