14 September | 10.30 pm
WEGIL - Hall
musical and vocal performance

Làzara Rosell Albear


Unsurrounded is a solo by Làzara Rosell Albear, put together as a series, which investigates the notion of self-portraiture with images, percussions, field recordings, a pocket trumpet and voice. Attentive to the parametric manipulation of sound and movement of projected images, the Belgian-Cuban artist composes a universe that deactivates the cause/effect connections between events through an acoustic immersion that designs and disrupts soundscapes. Unsurrounded is conceived as an ongoing process and is tuned to each place where it is performed, feeding on the inputs coming from the material layers and from the new interactions with the environment in which it resonates, also extending to collaborations with other subjects including artists, musicians and animals.


Lázara Rosell Albear is a Cuban-Belgian performer, film director and artist with a cross-medial practice, ranging from the research of sound and performance to the production of events and films. She leaves Medical school during the 4th year to study Film Studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (K.A.S.K) in Ghent (Belgium). In 1997 she joins les ballets C de la B, performing in Iets op Bach directed by Alain Platel. In 1999 she creats her first documentary-film One of Us and in 2001 she founds MahaWorks together with musician Eli Van de Vondel.
In 2002 she receives a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Culture to study Japanese dance and music in Japan. In 2004-2005 she creates the multimedia dance solo Kaku and she performs in KEYS (a project by Ontroerend Goed) and creates DANSCAMDANSE, an international dance film festival in Belgium. Among her latest works, the cross-media project Yoko Osha Chapter III or The first day is the day of the river, is exhibited at the DE CENTRALE for contemporary art curated by Carine Fol and Tania Nasielski in 2021. She is known for the movies Campos sagrados (2000) and Brave Marin (2021). In 2021 she partakes in Ploef! Resonare Festival. Her practices explore movement, migration, transformation, interactivity and its effects on the human condition.

concept and performance Lázara Rosell Albear
visual MahaWorks

ph. Camille Poitevin