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Sunday 13 | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda - Spazio Aperto
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Manu / Bob Junior

Double Tape Deck

Dropped into Rome in 2004 to work at a bookshop dedicated to the 1900s and its revolutions, Manu, a.k.a Bob Junior, ended up managing the Fanfulla Club for 15 years, where, as they say, things happen!

Armed only with a double cassette deck, this allows him to profile the many contemporary productions that are exclusively released on this medium (i.e tape) and therefore not readily available on the internet. His genres range from intimate DIY productions to post-punk and minimalist synth-punk.

Notes on Short Theatre 2020

How would you describe your music?

It is a dj made with a double tape deck, which allows me to develop many productions at the same time that are exclusively released on this format (the tape) and therefore hardly available on the internet. The genre ranges from intimate DIY productions to post-punk and minimal synth-punk.

Who or what—real or imaginary, present, past or future—do you think contributed to the creation of your artistic work? Is there any object/trace you own that can make this clear?

Without being fetishist of the format itself, let’s say that the tape is an object that has a rare simplicity (of production and disclosure). You can generate it at home, delete it, duplicate it indefinitely.
It is nothing (small in size), very humble (it has no value and does not demand), but it remains over time.

What do you imagine you will say about your artistic work in fifteen years time? Would you ever have imagined making this work fifteen years ago?

audio transcription:

I do not imagine anything, as I did not imagine anything 15 years ago. I let the meetings happen.