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Manuela Cherubini

Burning Play - Step #1

7 September | h 10 pm
WeGil – Sala Rossa
lecture / performance

in Italian

Burning Play is a work in progress on the figure of Egyptian writer Nawal Al-Sa’adawi, starting from her comedy God Resigns at The Summit Meeting, written in 1996 and never represented. The play was burned, “so that the book no longer exists”.

Burning Play will be a show about a play that cannot be represented. Because it was destroyed by fire. Because what’s left of it still burns so much that nobody wants to touch it. Here at Short Theatre we tell a piece of the path we are taking to build this impossible show. Signs, lines of a map begin to emerge from our notebooks. We discover that what we are looking for is a body, our body.
The map is incomplete, the signs are of various nature, different matter, different languages ​​in which we move: sacred books, vocabularies, inquiries, still and moving images, the voices of women who write, sing, question their existence and our. In many different languages.
In this presentation, we will show some traces, fragments of the pages of our notebooks, emerging lines of the territory we are looking for.
The comedy opens questions, does not provide answers, and does so through the distortion and lightness of laughter, which opens the heart and the mind: a formidable tool that so many authors have used to say the unspeakable.
What is it that today we cannot even take to the stage? What can’t be discussed? What is the boundary between the censorship outside us and the one within us?

Manuela Cherubini is a director and a translator. The human being and its untranslatability are the focus of her artistic approach. Cherubini won the Ubu in 2008 for Hamelin of Juan Mayorga and in 2010 for Bizarra di Rafael Spregelburd, with whom she co-manages the Nouvelle Ecole des Maitres in 2012.

Simonetta Solder is an actress and translator. Her act career is enriched by the research on translation and writing projects. Her latest work is Illegal Helpers by Maxi Obexer, with the collaboration of Paola Rota and Teho Teardo.

Gaia Saitta is a director, a choreographer and a performer. Her main interest consists of the vulnerability of the body on the stage. Her works always call the audience into question. In 2012 she created the international collective of artists, If Human, based on Bruxelles.

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project Manuela Cherubini
in collaboration with Gaia Saitta and Simonetta Solder
based on the novel by Nawal Al-Sa’adawi
images edited by “Cartografia umana” of Alessia Panfili
with Milena Tipaldo and Alessandra Atzori
graphic design Ale Sordi