Markus Öhrn

Bergman in Uganda


7th and 8th September | 9 pm
La Pelanda – Gallery
Film, installation

Having reflected on the new colonialism in Africa through the video installation White Ants/ Black Ants (2010), and the performance: We Love Africa and Africa loves Us (2012), Swedish artist Markus Öhrn found a simple yet revealing format for reinterpreting white, bourgeois existential art – as epitomized by Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film, Persona. With Bergman in Uganda, Öhrn lets the VeeJay, the star of the Ugandan video hall, the teller of the true story behind every film, shine a light back on European culture. This unique installation puts the audience in an interzone between the real film Persona, and the residents of Kampalas’s largest slum viewing the film in a shed with commentary from the all-seeing VeeJay. As this VeeJay comes from poverty, he illuminates Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece, aptly comparing life in a slum and a Swedish summer house, deconstructing the white world.

Markus Öhrn, born in 1972, is a visual artist from Sweden. In 2008 he obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree at Konstfack in Stockholm. The focus of his work is video installations, which have been exhibited both in Sweden and internationally. Conte D’Amour marked Öhrn’s theater directorial debut in collaboration with the groups Institutet (SWE) and Nya Rampen (FI). He has continued collaborating with both groups ever since. We love Africa and Africa loves us was premiered in autumn 2012 and shown in the festival ‘Foreign Affairs’ at Hau – Hebbel am Ufer. His most recent directorial work is Étant donnés, a play by Jan Fabre, who invited him to stage a solo of his. Markus Öhrn lives and works in the small village of Niskanpää in northern Sweden and in Berlin. His project Azdora, originally produced for and in collaboration with Santarcangelo Festival, was shown at the Wiesbaden Biennale 2016 and all over Europe.

by Markus Öhrn
production Markus Öhrn, Swedish Subterranean Movie Company
in collaboration with Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin), Swedish Arts Grants Committee e Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Bruxelles)