Mihaela Michailov

Migratory Birds Fly High

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12th September | 7 pm
La Pelanda – Teatro 2

outcome of the residency
world premier
in the frame of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
in Italian

Caring borders
To take care
Care work
The emotional landscape of migration has, in the recent years, an impactful feminin face. The economics of affection center on new points of empathic departure and arrival. Who are the blurring ” “mothers of migration” and how they position themselves on the dominant political map of survival? Is their voice strong enough? How can we give them a space of visibility, challenging the critical conditions of work in a violent market of peripherical lives? What are the new maps of emotional work?

Mihaela Michailov is a playwright and a performing arts critic. She is very much interested in creating political plays focused on the causes of various social inequalities and on vulnerable issues such as: Romanian state abuses regarding non-represented categories, the agressive transformations in post-socialist times, oppressive hierarchies and discriminations. Her plays have been translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Hungarian, German, Spanish. She is also very much concerned in debating themes related to the educational system: the violence in school, the rights of kids, the relation between teachers, students and parents. Since 2012 she has been working with the director Radu Apostol at various projects of educational theatre.
Mihaela Michailov’s play Google my Country!, directed by Alexandra Badea, started at Teatrul Foarte Mic in 2010 and was shown abroad at Centre culturel Theo Argence de Saint-Priest, Festival „Transversales, Nuit des auteurs”; at Scène Nationale du Petit-Quevilly, the Festival „Corps de Textes Europe”; at Maison d’Europe et d’Orient, Paris, Festival „L’Europe des Théâtres”. The play received a second prize at Eurodram – European Netwok of Theatrical Translations), “Mousson d’été à l’Abbaye des Prémontrés (Maison Européenne des Écritures Contemporaines”.
Mihaela Michailov is experienced in documentary theatre. Her play, Heated Heads (2010, directed by David Schwartz), dramatises the so-called “Mineriad”, an episode of State repression on June 13-15, 1990 in which large groups of miners were carted to Bucharest in order to break up a peaceful demonstration against a government dominated by ex-comunist leaders. Heated Heads has played at various festivals in Romania. It was also invited at HAU in December 2012, for the festival Many Years After… As a follow-up to Heated Heads, Mihaela Michailov wrote Under Ground (2011) – about the condition of the miners in post-socialist Romania.
In 2011 her play Bad Kids (directed by Alexandru Mihăescu), written for one actress who performs nine characters, was represented at LUNI Theatre in Bucharest. The play was then invited for the „Romanian Days”in Munich, in 2011 and at Mousson d’hiver in the Théâtre de la Manufacture – Centre Dramatique National de Nancy (February 2014). Fragments of the play were translated at Édition théâtrale, Paris. The play is scheduled for a public reading in July 2014 at the Festival d’Avignon.
The play was published in 2016 at Solitaires Intempestifs.

text and mise en espace Mihaela Michailov
artistic support Martina Ruggeri e Erika Z. Galli (Industria Indipendente)
with Alvia RealeManuela Mandracchia, Mariangeles Torres, Sandra Toffolatti