16 September | 12 am -1 pm + 2-6 pm
17 September | 11 am – 1 pm + 2-5 pm
Teatro Palladium

in the frame of Orbita | Spellbound – Centro di Produzione Nazionale della Danza

for reservation and ticket write to orbitapromozione@gmail.com



Eden is the intimate encounter between two bodies that are in different relations: the stage and the audience of a huge empty theatre. It is, on closer inspection, an exercise in captivity that concerns both bodies, apparently complicit in the renunciation of a “paradise” of mutual solitude. But the exceptional nature of the context triggers suspicion. This is not a renunciation, because heaven is exactly what is in front of you, and it is the person you are looking at; whether you are in the audience or on stage, both speak of the absolute reversibility of this encounter. It is an opportunity to rediscover the pact between spectator and performer that never stops renewing itself. Theatre takes the form of that original garden where the first encounter between two human beings took place, an encounter that no longer has links with its biblical origin story.
Eden investigates that first encounter, now between the beholder and the one who acts, in order to generate a new sense of amazement.

Eden is a performance for one spectator or a spectator at a time. mk‘s work is at the centre of the collaboration that this year binds Orbita, the dance festival curated by Spellbound & directed by Valentina Marini, and Short Theatre with two shared dates at Teatro Palladium.