14 September | 9.45 pm
15 September | 9.30 pm
WEGIL | Hall

Muna Mussie

fòro fóro

Fòro fóro is the public event that follows the practices carried out in Verso l’immagine, a workshop that investigates the concept of image starting from the dialogue between blind and sighted people through two different languages: Braille, a method of writing and reading made up of raised dots, and embroidery. Both of these languages imprint or perforate a surface, bringing to light a sign, a shape, an image between the visible, invisible and tactile.
For Fòro fóro Muna Mussie draws inspiration from the game Cat’s Cradle analyzed by Donna Haraway, who recognizes in the “thread figures” an analogy with the processes of thought and creation, pedagogical practices and cosmological performances. Creating thread figures means passing and receiving, choosing threads or letting them go, making and undoing, tracing and following a plot in the dark, to inscribe other stories.
For Short Theatre 2022 the artist and her circle of allies express themselves by making and saying words, alluding to the interchange between fòro, a place formerly linked to the meeting place of a community, to its commerce, politics and justice, and a fóro referring to a hole that is entered and exited.

From 10 to 12 of September Muna Mussie has worked on her research project Verso L’immagine as part of RECIPROCITY, a section of Short Theatre that experiments with models of reciprocity and intersectionality between belonging, widespread origins and knowledge through bodily practices, narrative grafts and playful universes.


Muna Mussie (Eritrea 1978) lives and works in Bologna. Gesture, vision and word are her elements. Her work investigates stage and performing arts languages in order to shape the tension resulting from dif-ferent expressive poles: private and public, memory and oblivion, visible and invisible. Her artistic journey began in 1998 training and performing with Teatrino Clandestino. In 2002 she attended the European Advanced Training School for Actors directed by Cesare Ronconi. From 2001 to 2005 she was a founding member of the research collective Open.
Among her most recent performances and installations: Oblio/Pianto del Muro (2022), PERSONA (2022), Bientôt l’été (2021), PF DJ (2021), Oblio (2021), Curva Cieca (2021), Curva (2019), Oasi (2018), Milite Ignoto (2015).
Among her other exhibitions: ዳና ቦሎኛ | بولونیا شارع | Bologna St. 173 (Archives sites, Milano 2021), Punteggiatura (2018).

Muna Mussie arrives at Short Theatre 2022 in convergence with Prender-si cura and re-creatures/Mattatoio di Roma.
with Elisa Cardoso, Valeria Cecere, Rossanna D’Amato, Manuela Maiorano 

ph. Luca Ghedini