Ninos du Brasil

Vida Eterna

6th September | 11:30 pm
La Pelanda – Outdoor Area

Ninos du Brasil, the musical project whose origins continue to be shrouded in mystery, present for the first time in Rome their LP “Vida Eterna”. The titles of the songs and the sharp drama behind them suggest the idea of album conceived as a ceaseless trip through the jungle at night, populated by creatures that suck their vital energy out of the darkness, out of the night itself.

The tracks peak in frightening but liberating rituality, rife with structural weaves, percussion recorded live, pressing voices and real drums. The variety of sounds and their combination are rich and well-balanced and the record flows like water, making its way through that forest at night which, initially inaccessible, reveals itself as a spiral in the end.

The concert of Ninos du Brasil engages the collaboration of Carlos Casas, Spanish director, visual artist and creator of the workshop Sanctuary for Short Theatre 2018, renewing a partnership created in 2014.