OHT_Little Fun Palace

Little Fun Palace


Residency Project
from 6th to 15th September | 6 pm – 00.00 am
La Pelanda – Outdoor Area

world premier

A trailer. A tiny portable pavilion. A bar. A temporary meeting place. An homage to Fun Palace; the legendary project by architect Cedric Price and theatre director Joan Littlewood who, in the sixties, wanted to create a university of the street, a workshop for fun. Little Fun Palace is a parasite project presented along with the plays of OHT, but also not obliged to them, within which are organised meetings, discussions, dances and every form of spontaneity imaginable. A project that focuses in on the successive moment of cultural offering – the moment in which ideas, words and the reactions of people need space to happen. Little Fun Palace take on a contemporary void exhuming the raison d’etre of public spaces – that of the forum open to the spontaneous meeting of people. In a free, united and independent way, Little Fun Palace explores every shade of reality in its various fields of reference. A seriously spontaneous exploration that frees intelligence from the clutches of intellectualism



21.45 Tropicàlia
film by Marcelo Machado, introducing Roberto Lycke 1h30’


20.30 I FIGLI DELLO STUPORE – film by Francesco Tabarelli, 52’ – edited by BAD PEACE
21.30 JING – live set 40’


20.00 Sport Safari – conversation with Riccardo Giacconi and Matteo Nucci
screening Zidane, a 21st century portrait by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno


18.30 Editorial presentation :

La terra sonora – Il teatro di Peter Handke a edited by V. Valentini, with Francesco Fiorentino, Camilla Miglio and Daria Deflorian
Marginee meraviglia. La scena corporea by Marcello Sambati edited by C.R. Antolini with Raimondo Guarino


22.00 Space Safari – conversation with Amedeo BalbiFilippo Andreatta and Gaia Tedone
screening For All Mankind by Al Reinert


Reading session


21:00 NERO: Arab Futurism – Utopia, dystopia and science fiction from Egypt to Arabic Gulf
presentation of book The Row by Basma Abdel Aziz (NERO – serie Not, 2018), and meeting with Sophia Al-MariaDonatella Della Ratta and Giulia Crispiani


20.00 Contrefiction: Cinema Fragile – conversation/film – edited by BAD PEACE

22.00 Good Chance Radio mixtape by Massimiliano Rassu

Hoping that Google can not respond to everything, OHT investigates reality and its representation without formal, disciplinary or emotional constraints. Founded by Filippo Andreatta in 2008, it quickly took on collaborations with national and international institutions such as Fondazione Haydn, NYC Artists’ Salon (USA), Roma Europa festival, the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (USA), Whitechapel Gallery Londra (Regno Unito), Teatro della Tosse Genova, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Vienna (AT) and MAXXI museo delle arti del XXI secolo Roma (IT). Centrale Fies and MART museo di arte moderna e contemporanea,often have been the partners for different projects, both productions and debuts. OHT  has been awarded for artistic exellence  with awards such as New Sensitivity for young theater directors (2008), Movin’Up award for young artists (2016 and 2017) and OPER.A 20.21 Fringe (2017).

idea Filippo Andreatta
advisory board Riccardo Fazi, Anne Palopoli, Salvatore Peluso, Francesca Corona
installation assistant Massimiliano Rassu
costruction Filippo Andreatta, Antonello Marzari
producer Laura Marinelli
co-prodution  OHT, MAXXI museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Short Theatre festival, Terni Festival
in collaboration with Muta Imago