14 september | h 7 pm – 8.30 pm
WEGIL - Mezzanino
conversation and music
reservation required

14 september | h 11.30 pm – 1 am
WEGIL - Scalinata
dj set
free entry


Il gioco dei suoni

It was at Pescheria’s informal laboratory space in Torpignattara that their sound experiment titled Tropicantesimo took shape: a collective utopia that is realized through sound, a free expression of musical hybridization that traces new grooves on the paths they travel. Alongside sound experiments, floral installations and dreamlike visions of gardens against nature, Tropicantesimo manifests itself through the natural construction of an artificial paradise. There the unpredictable, the accidental, the wonderful, the imminent and the immovable can take place in a musical ritual extended over time, a celebration of sound and dance. Presented in the WEGIL space, this is a conversation set to music, part of the methodology and gameplay that the collective have utilised in recent years to give life to and construct their sound materials.
Listen and tell, surprise and sing.

From 11.30 pm Pescheria will take care of the DJ set on the WEGIL Staircase, which closes on 14 September, free for all

Pescheria is a laboratory that makes the experiences of researching, of crossbreeding and of sound generation possible. The richness of this particular laboratory is that it is a voluntary infringement which uses a flow of music to activate connections between people.

ph. Rocco Bartucci