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Ricardo dias Gomes

8 September | h 10:30 pm
La Pelanda – Outside Area

A respected innovator within Rio De Janeiro’s art scene since the mid-90s, Gomes is best known for being part of Banda Cê, the trio that Caetano Veloso wanted for recording his acclaimed albums “Cê” (2006), Zii and Zie (2009) and Abraçaço (2012).
Playing the bass in these post tropicalia musical cornerstones and touring the world with Veloso inspired Gomes to record “-11”, his debut album which came out in 2015.
On “-11”, Gomes plays all the instruments and trusts his instincts in terms of deciding which direction to go in musically.
The magazine The Wire defines him as “rough and direct, only comparable to a few highly personal debut albums, like those by Laetita Sadler and Money Mark”.
The Chicago Reader writes, “A world of hermetic and delicate sounds with introspective ballads and dissonant atmospheres.”

In 2018, he released his new mini-album “Aa”, out in Europe on SDZ Records and in the United States on Kill Shaman.
The album also includes performances by Arto Lindsay and Moreno Veloso.
In October of 2019, the new album “The Whole Emptiness”, recorded with New York’s Star Rover, is slated for release.