September 10
La Pelanda – Studio 1
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Les Cliniques Dramaturgiques Vol. 2

After the first edition’s success at Short Theatre 2020, Les Cliniques Dramaturgiques is back. This format about research and sharing has been originally conceived by Jessie Mill, dramaturg and co-director of Montreal Festival TransAmériques and then developed at Short Theatre with the support of PAV/Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe.


Five dramaturgs from different contexts, stories and artistic experiences are invited to share practises, theories, issues, tools of their own dramaturgic practise. A three-day workshop for discussing ongoing projects, individual practises, as well as the artistic, theoretical and political context the dramaturgs work in.

The 2021 edition of Les Cliniques focuses on the relationship between the body and dramaturgy. The dramaturgic potential of dance will be observed through the lens of  “Dance Dramaturgy”, in line with the international debate on the similarity with the creative process, on the intersection between the speculative dimension, emotional intelligence and a silent discourse.

Through which practises does the dramaturg observe other bodies?

What are the methods, the materials, the responsibilities implied in approaching this subject? How does one take on the responsibility to translate, interrogate, interpret and provoke at the same time?


Guest dramaturgs: Riccardo Fazi, Elena Giannotti, Paola Granato, Anne Jelena Schulte, Stella Succi.


10 September h 5.00 pm | Studio 1
#1 On the closing day, the result of the workshop will be presented to the public in a format to be devised by the dramaturgs themselves.
Tickets subject to availability
8 – 9 – 10 September
#2 The research will be carried on outside through a series of “private meetings”.
The guest dramaturgs will meet every day with a group of local dancers and performing artists, offering them their attention and presence. The one-to-one meetings will focus on the creation and development process.



from an original idea by Festival TransAmériques / Jessie Mills
developed at Short Theatre Festival 2021
Riccardo Fazi / Muta Imago
project realized in the framework of PAV/Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe
within Boarding Pass Plus Dance