10€ - 7€ (under 30 - over 60)

Samira Elagoz

Cock, Cock... Who's There?

11 September | h 10 pm
12 September | h 7:45 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 2
1 h

in English with subtitles in Italian
not suitable for people under sixteeen

After living through the traumatic experience of being raped, Samira Elagoz created a highly personal research project spanning three continents, looking at the behaviour of men in their attempts at seduction. Her method – meet strangers on the internet and film the evolution of their relationship. Friendship, tenderness, seduction, mythomania, disorientation and violence – Samira Elagoz deconstructs, through her dating, male performance and the clichés of gender relations in all their ambivalence, trying to regain her own power of self-determination in her relations with men.
Beyond all rhetoric and moralism, Cock, Cock… Who’s There? examines the full spectrum of male-female relations from intimacy to brutality, and takes the public on a voyage through desire, feminine power and female perspectives in a world in which the virtual and the real are inextricably interlaced.


written, directed e edited by Samira Elagoz
performers Samira Elagoz, Ayumi Matsuda e Tashi Iwaoka
advice Jeanette Groenendaal, Bruno Listopad e Richard Sand
sound David Krooshof
with the support of The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Blooom Award e SNDO