THE END - parte I


14th and 15th September | 7.00 pm
Other Spaces
Performance site-specific

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The trilogy of the end is a research on time and its materialization.
The aim of the trilogy is to talk about the end through time. Each performance of the trilogy consists of an indoor part, as well as part that takes place in a public space. The audience is invited to witness the instances of everyday life, each characterized by a specific duration and taking place at an exact moment. The end time is one of distinct transformation. The transition from one state to another refers to the cycle of events, those which will be fulfilled inevitably, with or without our presence.

The urban space is a place in which the artistic paths of Strasse, a collective from Milan that develops site-specific projects using the filter of cinematographic language to create scenes of daily life, and those of Lotte van den Berg, Dutch director committed to studying the relationship between physical reality and imagination, meet.

In The End- part I, the audience follow a procedure that guides them through the city, directing their gaze to adopt specific points of view on individual scenes of daily life. The selection of the scenes focuses on ending moments, on excerpts of ordinary life that, if featured in a film, would play the role of the final scene before the credits. Like a documentary without a camera, The End- part I wishes to ask: what does the end mean to you?

Strasse is a company founded in Milan in 2009 by Francesca De Isabella and Sara Leghissa. It works on the performing dimension, bringing it into play with the expression of the body and the urban landscape and that of cinematography, understood as a filter of observation of reality. Strasse was born from a desire to move theatrical and cinematographic language into the spaces of the city, letting them be influenced by those environments, by the temperatures and the signs, without changing these places or their meanings, but pulling them out of their daily flow and bringing them, just momentarily, somewhere else. After managing, along with Elena Cleonice Fecit, Casa Strasse, a place for research and production and a space for the sharing of artistic practices and workshops, starting in 2010, Strasse moved definitively into the public space. In recent years, the group has produced the works Drive_IN (2012), Solo (2014), HM/ HOUSE MUSIC (2016), THE END (2017) and The End Un Altro Modo per Dire la Fine (2018) as well as projects like Exil and T.Rex which use the form of the party to create connections and break down the distinctions among the public and between artists and the public.

project Strasse and Lotte van den Berg
idea Francesca De Isabella and Sara Leghissa
creation Francesca De Isabella, Sara Leghissa
in collaboration with Lotte van den Berg, with Marco D’Agostin
dramaturgy support Valentina Cicogna
accompaniment and promotion Giulia Messia
organization of production Eleonora Cavallo
production Strasse
in collaboration with Third Space (Amsterdam)
with the support of Terni Festival and of the platform IN SITU, in the framework of the project ACT
cofinanced by Creative Europe Program
Strasse is an artist associated with Triennale Teatro dell’Arte di Milano per il 2017/2019.