Thursday 3 September | 7:00 pm
Accademia Reale di Spagna

free entry with reservations required on Eventbrite

TAREK X AKA Gérald Kurdian – Preview Accademia di Spagna

The 15th edition of Short Theatre could only begin with a preview in the now customary, but always wonderful, setting of the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome. TAREK X aka Gèrald Kurdian will perform, which on 4 and 5 September will then be present at Short Theater 2020 with the performance / outcome of the Hot Bodies – Choir workshop, together with the workshop participants

Blending dark, ambient and post-punk techno, Tarek X mixes and shapes sounds with a curved laptop, samplers and vocoders, raising chants for the queer utopia to come.

© Courtesy of the artist